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June 25, 2004


Moose cheese and other low-carb treats.

(Thanks to ARC, Mahatma Kane Jeeves and nicole the wonder nerd)


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two hours to milk a moose!

Sugar Free Milk Chocolate Dipped Pork Rinds

At least they must be low in calories!

Hey, knock it off!

A moose once bit my sister.

...maybe the moose didn't like being milked.....

Two great tastes that taste great together!

I don't think so, Tim.

Yes, it's important that the chocolate on the pork rinds be sugar free. There's so much chance that if I ate that, I'd keep it eaten. Yuck.

hey didnt Poppa Bush like pork rinds? maybe we should make sure this gets to him... ewww. lovely desserts. first the choc covered pork fat thing, now this. yum yum. and not very much spam in it.

Pork Chocs? Someone should be beaten for that one. That was my thinking, queesbee, send a bag to Bush the Elder.

Is a chon the same as a luwak?

Those chocolate-covered pork rinds people should start exporting them to the Ukraine, quick!

If they serve "warmed moose cheese", how do they get the animal to hold still long enough to heat it up? And wouldn't it object?

"Bullwinkle Brie". I got dibs on the copyright.

Somebody (I'm talking to you Californians) has GOT to offer a pizza made with cow, goat AND moose cheese. What kind of meat would top the pie is whole nuther matter.

Poop, goes the weasel!

now wait a minute, they wouldnt put MEAT on a pizza like that - surely they would be vegetarians, right? Oops, wrong hat.

Hey, do you guys mind?? *slams bathroom door*

(ooh, look, the funnies!)

With regards to moose milking, I hope they buy the milker & the milkee several drinks first.

& btw, "The Moosemilkers" WBAohyouknowalready...

Moose Milking?? That industry could pull Northern MN out of a serious economic situation...

Not to mention Canada.

"Farmers collect the 'poop' containing the beans and roast them (hopefully after washing it to extract the beans) to make a rich brew."

"Rich Brew" is one term for it.

And Lairbo, Bullwinkle Brie would also bagnfarb.

3 varieties of the Moose cheese...


I'm having trouble getting past the part about the rest of the coffee beans emerging in long strips. That's just profoundly unsavory, as images go.

My father used to work for a potato chip manufacturer. They were coming out with pork rinds and held a naming contest. Southern Fried Hog Hide was submitted, but didn't make the cut.

Is there a way to erase the phrase "weasel-poop coffee" from my memory?

I am so glad to see that the choclik pork rinds are "sugar-free".........

You wanna be health conscious when you eat deep fried strips of fat.

MMMMMMmmmm!! *munch munch munch*

Woohooo! (starts bouncing off walls)

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