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June 22, 2004


Now they're going after David Bowie with lollipops.

(Thanks to Barbara Goldstein)


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Trose Terrorist Bastards? Oops.

I like the name "love on a stick."

""Lucky you hit the bad one," Bowie said"

Dang. I'll try harder, next time.

Bowie is still alive?

Bowie is God

Oops, wait a minute. I think it's supposed to be Clapton...

She should've thrown an axe...That way no matter which eye it hit, it would have been a good shot!

Bowie alive? Well, if you can call giving a concert in the rain at the Norwegian Wood Festival, then yes, he is apparently alive . . . but maybe wishing he was dead.

Did anyone notice Dave's typo?

He gets to sleep with Iman every night.

He's doing ok for himself, lolipop incidents aside.

"Not everyone keeps their genitals in the same place."

- Iman, Star Trek VI

Pics here, gevar ge booly booly, mork! mork! mork!

Trose, but no prize.
*sheesh, Dave, the "r" key isn't even close to the "h" key*

I liked it so much better in svedish, or norwegian. yeah. the writing was so much clearerer.

I like the word zed. Lots of words end with it. "Seized," for example. Sei + zed = DOOGIE! That reminds me of Canada, but in a good way.

Jeg har bare ett øye, din jævla idiot. Heldigvis traff du det riktige!

Well, who would disagree?

Hey, it was an accident!

Now he can participate in Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Lollipop Tree
by Burl Ives

One fine day in early spring
I play a funny trick
Out in the yard behind our house
I planted a lollipop stick
And everyday I watered it well
And watched it carefully
I hoped one day that stick would grow
To be a lollipop tree

Aha-ha Oh-ho-ho
What a sight to see
Me and my lollipop, lollipop, lolly, lolly, lollipop tree

Then I hurled one at David Bowie onstage and planted it in his eye . . .

(Nah, made up the last line)

Bowie is such a sucker.

points to Bowie for his cameo in Zoolander.

I heard about the same thing on the radio... apparently a lady (with a lolli pop) was pushed, the lolli pop flew out of her mouth, and into Bowie's eye.

It's all fun and games, until David Bowie loses an eye.

potential thread-ending comment:

the picture was actually pretty alarming. thanks for
linking that. I'm wearing goggles from now on.
Dave, you too.

where's the lollipop now?

it's being held on assault charges.

I don't think the lollipop would be held on assault charges.

Depending on the flavor, it could be held on
a-sweet charges.

"Alert Secret Srvice agents grabbed the lollipop and wrestled it to the ground."

I'll bet they had to redo his stage make up

hey!!bowie rocks.if a lollipop in the eye means love,then i woyld quite happily shove a whle bag of them in his eye.he is the best,and yes,he is stll alive. i cant believe that...no on here likes him!!well,apart form me

hey,if you have a comment on bowie, then email me!!i enjoy finding out what other people think of bowie:):) me4bowie@yahoo.co.uk or if you wanna drop a comment on rammstein

time test

another time test.

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