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June 21, 2004


So, here.

(Thanks to Gil Graybill)


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These kids & their new-fangled games! In my day, we had our fun clubbing penguins for distance.

Compared to this, that Korean banana thing almost seems comprehensible.

This is awesome!

I'd play, but I'm at work and that would be wrong to play this instead of working.

ok, i made it to the 5th level, then i get stuck!
the passworks for up till then are


anyone figure the 5th level out?

ok, i made it to the 5th level, then i get stuck!
the passwords for up untill then are


anyone figure the 5th level out?

I'm on level 10... that one's just killer.

I've seen this before sdsl is for level 20 it's a pain to try and get past

Oooh laser beams! Wheee!

I'm stuck on level 8. :(

Made it to level 9 before I forgot to write down the code, so I hit the "back" button on my browser and ended up back here! When I hit the "forward" button I started over again at level 1 :-(

thirdman, for level 8 let it go through the two it's pointing at, then split it, then put the 45 degree mirror below the split so it goes back up (from about 4 o'clock to 10 o'clock), then another splitter at 10 o'clock to send it back down and to the left.

What? Why is everyone looking at me like that? It's EASY, I tell you! And I never could get a single face on that stupid cube to line up, either.

svga will get you to level 10

If you want to look at level 10 the password is svga

However, it is causing me a headache

There must be something wrong with me cause this game makes NO sense to me :-(

looney girl: ditto.

This is cool! Like laser pool :-)

Sortof...will have to try again later when I want to really kill time! (not to mention seriously taxing my remaining brain cell ;-)

Got to level 10 - got all of the bulbs but one lit! AARRGH! Brain....exploding....

YAY - got it! Password to 11 is tcp/ip....

6 w2k
7 macos
8 irq
9 pcm
10 svga
11 os/2
12 tcp/ip
13 ascii
14 input
15 io
16 cdrw
17 dma
18 csma
19 ccd
20 sdsl
21 ps/2

my brain stopped working on level 21, so that's as far as I got (today).


I stopped thinking on level 6. I must be stupid or something.

thirdman, Thanks! This game does interest me, but I'm too "sees shiny object over there" to wade through it in one sitting. (not too mention buzzed enough to not want to focus on a laser-beam :-)

At least 21 levels so far...hmmm...add to bookmarks for time when I'm so out of season ;-)

I am stuck at 17.

This game is like Tetris ... I'm going to be playing it in my sleep ...


Still stuck on 10...

22 rambus
23 acpi

Level 10 is trying to KILL me!!!

level 24 code is ide

Okay, you level 10 players, explain to the ignorant how the heck you play this game. I get one mirror and then nothing else seems to happen. Where do I click? I can't even find a "how to play" (I'm so embarrassed about this)

LMC - there should be a "?" button on the bottom of the screen. Hit that and you'll see what all the things do. Simply put the items onto the board in order to refract the laser beam into all of the light bulbs. Once all the bulbs are red, you're done with that level.

Aaaugh, never mind. I finally figured it out. Boy, do I feel dumb now. (Always wait to post, always wait to post)

Hint for level 10: Think outside the box

The box is mocking me.

Thanks a lot Dave. My thesis writing is going so much better now that my productivity has been enhanced.

Well today is gonna be the day i finally get fired for faffing around on the net instead of working. I've managed to walk away from the game for a whole 10 minutes now... level 10 was making my brain ache... but i can feel the pull... must... get...lightbulb...
Darn you Dave Barry! Darn you to heck!! Or Algona!!

The first person to tell me how to get past this blasted level 10 will earn one Love Child.

It won't be mine, but I'll track one down for ya somewhere.

TM and Mrs Bruce - Ok:
1. Use a mirror to turn the beam right through the bottom bulb. This is section 1.
2. Use the refractor to bend the beam through the opening into section 2.
3. Use another mirror to turn the beam so that it's pointing SE. That will light up two bulbs and go through into the next section - section 3.
4. Put the splitter here. This will send one beam up into the East-most 4th section through the bottom bulb, and you'll use a mirror to reflect that into the top bulb in section 4.
5. The other beam out of the splitter (going SW, still in section 3) will need a mirror to reflect it NW and through the bottom bulb in section 3, the bottom bulb in section 2 and the top bulb in section 1.

Hopefully this all makes sense. Section 1 is the left, section 4 is the right. Good luck!


Now to find out if I can collect unemployment.

Don't the creators of these games realize that I'm getting older and more senile as I sit here playing, and that the levels should get EASIER as they go up??

T-Man, that last comment was brilliantly well-lit! :-)

17 is hard. Too hard. It's so hard, I'm actually going back to work. I hate this game. I hate everything.

Higgy, your solution is for level 11 - can you tell us how to do lvl 10? I'm stuck on that one

My eye! My eye!

Level 10 - Go all the way straight up on top of the blocks. Use a mirror to go right. Then mirror in far top right corner to go down. Next mirror sends the beam to the left, back inside the blocks. Next go immediately up to get the bulb on the far right. Next mirror sends the beam to the left. Then use the 45 degree angle guy to send it through the small opening on the left side. Finally, the splitter finishes off the two bulbs on the left side of the screen.

Hints for 17 - Don't read unless you wanna know.

First piec is the splitter, in the very first space. This eliminates the left most bulb. Use a mirror to send the other side of the beam down and to the right. The next segment is to do the bulb on the far right (Go in on a diagonal, hitting, come out hitting the bulb.) And then get the topmost bulb last.

Answers to level 9...please? Will anyone out there take pity on someone who has been banging her head against a cube for hours over this? I don't think my screen is wide enough...there are too many walls!

*thumps head uselessly against cube wall*

the bruises will be with me for a while, but I seem to have "thumped" my way to a solution...

23 has been kicking my rear all day long

Up to 18.....why did I find 17 sorta easy, but stuck on 11 for hours?

Oh, yes. I'm deranged.

someone please post the real way to get through level 8? I'm losing what's left of my mind. I've been working on 8 since yesterday and I get all but 1 lit and I"m stuck...HELP!!!

Oh man! This is nearly as addictive as the retro computer games I've been playing lately (Carmen Sandiego & Oregon Trail II).

Am just a complete idiot here, because I still can't get through level 8. I don't want to use the password; I want to know how it works. The hints someone posted earlier didn't really make sense.

Yeah, I'm so gonna get fired for doing this at work.


1. Put first wedge pointing left 2 squares past the rightmost bulb.

2. Put parallelogram piece 2 squares directly below that, such that the beam points down and to the left.

3. Put second wedge piece such that it splits the beam from parallelogram piece upwards and to the left. All bulbs but 3 should be lit.

4. Put last piece so that it splits that beam downwards and to the left (in the square that is the top of the incomplete triangle formed by the six bulbs that are in the middle of the game field), completing the system.

(Do Not Look Directly...'s instructions were incorrect. The parallelogram piece cannot be placed in such a way that the beam goes upwards.)

awesome. thanks, k!

awesome. thanks, k!

Awesome. Thanks, k!

I'm stuck on level 17.. and the bombs keep going off... anyone know how to get through?

OK, I really didn't mean to post three times. For some reason when I refreshed it didn't show up.

Surfbunny, to solve level 9:
1. Light going East, use mirror so it goes South
2. Use mirror so it goes West.
3. Then use refractor to deflect the ray to NorthWest
4. Put the double mirror in the square that is top-left of the refractor.
5. Put a mirror in the square that is bottom-left of the double-mirror. Now you'll see that the ray passes through the two one-way prisms in the NW direction.
6. Put mirror at the end of the ray to deflect it to NE
7. Another mirror deflects it to SE. Now the ray passes through the other two one-way prisms and reflects off the double mirror, going towards NE.
8. Put a mirror so that the ray goes NW and through the one-way prism
9. Put a mirror in the squate between the two one-way prisms so that the ray deflects NE.
10. Put a deflector so that the ray now goes north.
11. Put the last mirror in its path so that the ray is deflected towards west and hits the last light bulb.

One Eye *hic* I Thank You, I Thank You, I Thank You! Your comment for level 10 was almost as convoluted as the game itself! *hic*

What really surprises me is I understood it to Success! drunk, but not sober ;-) *hic*

OK, I give up... what's the secret to 18? I can get all but one light on - either the top right or the far left is out of the loop no matter where I put the splitters and reflectors. I'm convinced now there isn't really a solution; the game authors just leak the answer code out so people can skip that level. Arrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

So now I'm on 13, and it makes level 9 look like a piece of cake.

Amit, thanks for the hint, I was able to figure it out on my own after letting it be for a while.

Since it helps just to ask for help, anyone got any ideas about 13?

Laser's Edge -- I'm stuck on 18 as well. Get'em all but one. GRRRR.

surfbunny, try directing the beam around the outside rows first, then tackle the inside rows.

Also, you'll find that the double mirrors are useful because the beam can pass through them.

Now, has *anyone* actually beaten level 18? I'm thoroughly stuck.

thanks paul for the good hint...well on my way to driving myself to drink over the rest of the game!

compared to 13, 14 is wicked easy, as we say in beantown

And here I thought I was a smart ass optics graduate until I hit level 10. Have to think on that one and I should be doing work! Great time waster!

18. I can't get past it. I haven't slept. I haven't eaten. My job keeps calling, wondering where I am and if I'm okay. I keep telling them that I'm on my way in, but I never leave. My wife might leave, however.

Help. Me. Please.

Never mind.

I finally solved it! Now I can get some much-needed sleep...except for 19 is now taunting me. Taunting me. TAUNTING ME!!!

jet, I feel your pain. I am at my desk, my phone rings, I don't answer it. 18 is killing me. My head hurts from the frequent banging against my cube. I think other cube-farmers have a strait-jacket ready for me.

18 hurts.

Jet24m, a little help on 18 please? Before I end up having to buy the company a new freakin' monitor!!!! I'm okay. Really. :)

Nevermind. 18 is complete!

wow, my head is warm. I think I overheated my brain.

1. Split the beam right after the laser passes the first bulb naturally.
2. Double mirror two times to get the other three inside bulbs.
3. After the forth bulb the beam should pass through hte second from the bottom bulb. Just pass that split the beam and pick up two more.
4. Now, there should be one diag laser going SE. Mirror that one SW before the diag row of bricks. Use the refractor to go W.
5. Right over the laser mirror the laser N, then one more mirror to go East and your done.
6. Get your TPS reports done before trying 19.


21. Has anyone figured it out yet?

16, please? Please?

I'd love some help on 16, please!

Ok...***SPOILER for 16***

1. Place the Double Mirror between the light source and the 2 already lit bulbs, so the line is on the NW-SE axis.

2. Next put a mirror 1 block to the NW, boucing the beam NE

3. Next is a refractor, boucing the beam E

4. Place the next mirror 3 blocks E of the refractor, boucing the beam S.

5. Place the other refractor 4 blocks S of the last mirror, boucing the beam SW.

6. Place the last mirror 2 blocks SW of the refractor, which will bounce the beam NW, and thus complete the level.

Ack! I am stuck on 13 and can't even find a walkthrough cheat on Google!

surfbunny, you made it from Paul G.'s comment, but even trying that nth times, I still can't get it! I can see it?, I just can't figure it out!

Do you have any further advice? I keep either cancelling lights or get stuck in a loop I can't undo and I feel like I have too many refractors and not enough double mirrors!

Ain't I a whiny schoolboy? What's really killed me is not finding anything better through Google than what the commenters have said here! :-)

Whew, 19 and 20 were nowhere near as bad as 18 (thanks for the help on 18, stoli, I was really really close).

Ooo, scratch 21, too. That one was a snap.

Vague Hint for level 21: The beam passes through the parallelogram twice.

Ho Lee Crap! Level 23 is the most convoluted, every-piece using, only-path-possible one yet! I was staring at the screen for 15 minutes needing ONE MORE REFLECTOR to get it, and then I noticed that there were TWO more paths than I thought, and using one of them freed up TWO pieces, BOTH of which I then needed to solve.

WOW! Haven't had this much fun since the airport game where you have to put baggage on conveyors and flip switches and stuff to make sure the bags don't fall off.

Uh, make that level 22.

Anyone beat 24 yet? I'm really not even sure where to start. Seems like they don't give you enough pieces...

eadn - I had a very difficult time w/ Paul G's comment. Let me work out the steps, and I'll see if I can't repost it.

This is better than any room, crimson or viridian, any day, but it may put me in a different room (a padded one)!

beat it!

firewire is the password to level 25, and I managed to beat it by turning on the last light immediately before blowing up a bomb - but that was good enough to get me to the congratulations screen so it was good enough for me!

Thanks surfbunny! Don't stress yourself! I just got it this morning by sheer luck! :-)

*** The secret on 24 ***

The first optic the beam will hit is the prism, which turns the beam downward. It is placed immediately before the third light on the first beam path.

The beam should be turning downward and to the right. It will hit two mirrors before it hits the next prism. The only light it hits before the next prism is one light between the two mirrors. The prism is placed on the lowest row that includes lights and will turn the laser beam so that it propagates left. Note you will miss the lower rightmost light on this first pass! To get the beam propagating left as just described you will have used a prism, two mirrors, and another prism and you will have hit 4 lights (including one light on the left propagating beam).

Now you turn the beam up, hitting the two leftmost lights. (be careful to block the bomb!)

Now you turn the beam right to hit the three topmost lights.

Now you turn the beam down, hitting the two lights on the second to the rightmost column.

Now you turn the beam back into the second placed prism, hitting one light before the prism, and two lights after the prism. But now you will have probably blown yourself to bits because you didn't cover the bomb before you turned the beam into the prism. Needless to say, next time you do this - cover the bomb!

You should have two mirrors left - so you will need to hit the remaining four lights by redirecting the laser into the first placed prism.

When you are done you should have a total beam path that looks like one large outer rectangle, and one smaller inner rectangle oriented at 45 degrees to the first, with an addtional horizontal beam section that goes right down the middle hitting the middle 4 lights.

Paul G wrote: 'Vague Hint for level 21: The beam passes through the parallelogram twice.'

How does that work? Whenever I've put the beam through the parallelogram once and then tried for a second time, the beam stops.

Where should the parallelogram be placed?


Nevermind. As soon as I write a plea and expose my ability to beg for what I want, I solve the level.


Anyone got a tip for 23? There's a couple ways I found that were 1 prism short (arrrrghs into the corner)

(cleans up his arrrrgh)

I'm in the same boat, bismuth. I found a hint on another board that says the beam goes through the middle bulb three times....that help? It didn't help me.....

I thought of that, and it ended up being one of my solutions that was one prism short... I'll try again and see if I can construct a better path

I feel pretty good that I got to 23 even if I can't solve it. I think I'll just put it away and in no way obsess over it.

Maybe just 5 more minutes.

nooooo! It's down!

Squirrel - Tried the three times through the center and managed to get back to being one prism short.

One Prism Short wbagnfarb.

You're actually doing better than me, I'm a refractor and a reflector short...or two bulbs

*** The secret on 23 ***

The first optic the beam will hit is a mirror, which turns the beam upward. It is placed immediately two blocks after the second light on the first beam path. In this position, the up beam path should hit the rightmost light.

The next optic is a mirror, which turns the beam leftward. The beam path will go through a fixed one-way or “diode”.

Immediately after the diode, place a prism turning the beam down and to the left. In this position, the beam will pass through the center opening and through two lights (with a diode in between these two lights.) The light in the center opening will now be off because you have hit it an even number of times (I gotta say that I’m not really certain way hitting a light bulb with a laser turns it on anyway)

The next two optics are a mirror and then a prism, which turns the beam upward through the leftmost diode.

Now you are going to send the beam through a prism and a mirror to get it to go back through the center opening. Unfortunately, you need to be watchful because each optic placement will put you in line with a bomb. The prism will direct the up beam, to the 45 degrees to the right, hitting one light. The mirror will turn this beam back down through the center opening hitting two lights (one of which is the center light, turning it back on).

At this point, you want to place a prism to turn the beam downward, and then place a mirror to turn the beam left, into another light.

Next, you want to turn the beam up, along the right side of the vertical center wall, through a diode.

Finally, you want to turn the beam right into the prism that you placed first, which should pick up the last light.

thanks clay

Sure, bismuth - I'm interested in seeing someone beat 25 without hitting the bomb after the last light.

Finally! 25 was either easy or I got lucky. I wonder if I got the same solution as Clay.

ok need help on 19.. its driving me nuts

It is not necessary to end level 25 with a bomb.

***Spoiler hints***

Turn left, then make a clockwise triangular loop.

Then use two splitters, then make a counter-clockwise loop in the upper left corner.

I'll get more specific later if needed.

Amit- 19 is killing me too.

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