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June 21, 2004


Dave, when you read this, would you please blog something to back me up? Articles like this make me want to cry. They're just so ... wrong. Thanks.

(Thanks to MOTW)


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Sometimes people need to turn off the computer, and curl up with a good book to take their minds off things.

You know, the accurate term is New Ecomomy Repression Depression Syndrome- are you down with NERDS?

Dude, did you catch this quote?

"Several multinationals have already embarked on the course of remedial action. "Cubicles with low walls are preferred, lot of open space is desired, and we have decided to shut off e-mails after 2 pm and disallow e-mails on the weekend," says a software expert working with an MNC. "

SHUT OFF EMAIL? I would, like, curl up and die.

more serious issue than depression going on here, dudes. and
Cubicles with low walls wbagnfarb

I would think cubicles with low walls would just increase the incidence of conversations about last night's episode of The Sopranos or who will be the next American Idol.

I am more worried about the German students losing skin color due to the glare from their computers. If you start to become transparent due to computer use, I think that's not a good sign!

Or you can get involved with things that really matter, and make a donation to a worthy cause

Has anyone else noticed how much smaller cubes are in India ("a colleague sitting eight to ten inches away in the next cubicle")? No wonder outsourcing is so popular -- they can fit an office building full of people into a garage!

NEDS is better translated to GET A LIFE!

That's all.

judi, at least it's not wrapped in alunimum....

If I'm trapped in a cubicle with low walls, how can I pick my nose?

There's a really tall guy in my office whose head sticks up WAY above the cubicle wall, kind of creepy for soome reason.

Well yeah, when he's standing up of course.

Aruna Broota wbagnfarb, or at least a punk rock band

*With compression of space and time, we are rapidly losing out the eye-contact dimension," adds Professor Anand. *

Sounds like something Scotty would say in a really bad Star Trek episode.

judi? Is that you behind the wienermobile?

"the scenario in most of the BPOs is so grim that instead of the encouraging slap on the back or shaking of hands, the bosses prefer to send the mundane one-liner e-mails.
"... It would be a disaster if human emotions get stifled by technological wonders," says Dr Jitendra Nagpal, psychologist, VIMHANS.

I dunno. If someone came up behind me without warning and slapped me on the back, I'd probably shoot up about three feet from fright.

Now really, what do they expect. They hire a bunch of computer geeks to work in their offices, WITH COMPUTERS, and then expect them to act like average humans. Just goes to show that management really is full of IDIOTS.

If their employees had wanted to interact with other human beings face to face, they would have been hairdressers.

"Industrialization leads to de-socialization" comes to mind after reading this article. And Nietsche said that over a hundred years ago. Some things never change.

That was such an intersting article, I emailed the link to my office mate. :)

Technology does wonders for those of us who are naturally introverted. It gives me a means to communicate more comfortably with others.

What interesting times to live in.

That's right Lily! Or into Human Resources, Psychology or at McDonalds (English Lit.) - all about the same.

I dunno - I get depressed (or at least irritated to the point of loud, profane vocal outbursts) by this communication / technology stuff. I'll be listening to my voice mail while reading my email while watching the little light come on that tells me that I've got more voicemail and hearing the little beep that tells me that I've got a new email and my secretary comes in and hands me a fax when my cell phone rings and my pager buzzes.... You get the picture, right? And they say that people get addicted to this stuff? I prefer my addictions in a glass, no ice.


"Aruna Broota wbagnfarb, or at least a punk rock band" - What other kind of rock band is there?

eadn, what weinermobile? That's her nose.

Just kidding Judi! (ducks flying weinermobile)

Sorry, it's not Steve Ogden, it's Mark Osborne.

mudstuffin- at least you HAVE a secretary, and are not a secretary.

But I see what you mean!

Speaking of the ol'voice mail thing- my voicemail box has messages. The button glows red. I've ignored it for a couple days. Maybe I should clear it out, maybe.

I like ignoring my voicemail, since I cannot ignore the telephone, being a receptionist.

If Aruna Broota has a new kid, it would be Baby Broota ...

Blogchik - I too am a receptionist (/HR Administrator/Travel Secretary/Whet Nurse). I like it, though. I like being the person that everyone comes to when they need a problem solved. It makes me feel good to make someone else's job a little easier.

Ick. End of sappiness and back to normal cynicism.

How come sometimes things post twice and other times they disappear? Anyway, if this turns up twice the first time was hours ago, when I said:

MOTW: "If Aruna Broota has a new kid, it would be Baby Broota."

Only if it's a boy.

OK,maybe it wasn't worth double posting.

Jeff - Yep. Not worth it.

People standing up in cubicles remind me of meerkats when they sense danger...

So, Judi, slow news day, posting a picture of Dave's office?

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