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June 25, 2004


Counterfeit teabags!

(Thanks to Fi Craig, tea-drinking English person)


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Counterfeit condoms, children's sun cream, teabags, soy sauce ... What is the world coming to?

I like the fake Viagra best...poor old British men.

I knew someone that bought a counterfeit VW Golf. Seems it was really a different brand with a few parts changed and, of course, the label added. Even the paperwork said it was a VW.

They found out when it had to be repaired after a crash. The mech. didn't know what to do.....

Counterfeit Condoms? What the hell is this world coming to?

Hehe, counterfeit teabags. Cute story. What will they think of next....What?! Vodka? Those bastards!!

I knew about the vodka and the handbags. Oh, the fake drugs too. The rest was news to me. CONDOMS? Fercryinoutloud.

At least counterfeit clothes or bags won't kill you, like fake drugs will.

People being hospitalized because of counterfeits! I laughed so hard I near wet myself! The Limeys are always good for a laugh.

now, let me get this straight - the tea is fake? fake what? i frankly cant tell one tea from another, so unless it's powdered dog pooty, i wouldnt know the damn difference. and how much do teabags cost? one tenth of one cent? why fake tea? who could possibly make any money on this stupid idea? but thanks for the really good laugh!!

I see many people beat me (no pun, really) to the obvious remark about counterfeit condoms. Tea, who cares (well I guess British people do), but condoms? But as kj so rightly put it, vodka! Those sadistic bastards!

....and this is not happening in America because Americans are more clever and better educated?


Americans "are more clever"??? Hmmm...the state schools obviously failed Mr BarryFS.

Brad, you make an excellent point. As the Bush administration and many of our country's religious leaders agree, teabagging is a sacred union between a man and a woman and these athletes are making a mockery of this fundamental institution.

"Cheap Loo Rolls" wbagnfarb, methinks.

Cats do not go to school in England. So there.


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