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June 21, 2004


Some people just aren't cut out to be teachers.

(Thanks to Chris Kern)


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I can't believe the kid actually did it. There must be other things going on behind the scenes of Japanese classrooms.

Redrum. Redrum!!

I believe the epilogue to this story is that the student then passed out in class due to the Bloodletting Apology, and he was expelled.

If this had happened in America, the parents would become instant millionaires.

Well the kid was dozing in the classroom . . .

Something wrong with this? At least it wasn't a thesis.

X? Y? And Z? You around to comment?

I suppose the kid expected a reward for dozing off instead?

The incident comes on the heels of an attack in which an 11-year-old girl killed a classmate by slashing her throat with a box cutter, also in southern Japan.

So, was the 11-year-old assailant taught by the same teacher? If this happened in America, the teacher would be g-o-n-e from the education system faster than you can say, "You want to Super Size that?"

I always forget, are things written in blood more or less binding than things etched in stone?

When box cutters are outlawed, Japanese schoolchildren will be outlaws. Or something.

I do find it reassuring that the kid and his parents want the teacher to hang around. Guess THEY figured it out.

In my day if I'd pulled something like that I'd get a worse punishment when I got home. In this case I'd probably have to amputate my arm.

*I do find it reassuring that the kid and his parents want the teacher to hang around. Guess THEY figured it out.*

Yeah, just 'cause he's so boring that his student fell asleep and he then made this kid write an apology in his own blood, doesn't mean he's a bad teacher.

This teacher probably used to work in an office and he doesn't have the whole Interacting With Other Humans Face to Face thing down yet.

Yea, he's probably a good teacher, or at least passable, or ....

And to think, the apology's in blood and would probably look REAL cool framed and in some museum.

not "cut out" to be a teacher...


thenkyu, thenkyuver'much, mikey darlin'. we'll be here all week.

I told you the kid was making a mistake when he said:

"I said I'm sorry. What do you want, blood?"

Who was that teacher? Bela Lugosi?

Leyla: You can't believe a Japanese child followed a weird, unreasonable order given by an authority figure? Stereotypes exist for a reason.

What a bloody mess, I tell you.

I particularly enjoyed the alertness of the other teachers....and the totally unrelated last sentence, which did, however, provide another opportunity to tell another gory student/boxcutter story.

I hate it when I read these so long after they're posted...
Just wanted to point out that this teacher probably got the idea from "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," in which a very horrible teacher makes Harry write out "I will not tell lies" over and over with a special quill that similtaneously cuts the words into the back of Harry's hand as he writes. What a delightful children's tale, eh?

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