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June 21, 2004


Now the bastards are using bed-crushing elk.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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"The toddler's mother was shocked to find the beast in her bed and ran to a neighbor for help."

Yeah, my friend's ex-girlfriend did the same thing.

Those elk(s); what will they think of next?

"The toddler's mother was shocked to find the beast in her bed and ran to a neighbor for help" - ya think? had the same reaction as you did tetsu - uh, scuse me sven, can you get this elk outta my bed? duuuu-errrrrh.

First moose, now elk, what's the deal in Scandinavia?

And Bed-Crushing Elk wbagnfarb.

"The Bed-Crushing Elk" WBAGNFA(Death Metal)B

er, what Mr. Meyerson said, which I SWEAR wasn't there when I posted...


Aren't moose and elk the same thing in Scandinavia, or am I confusing my ruminants?

(which WBAGNFARB of course)

you should check the closing credits of MP and the HG for more complete info on moose. or elk.

The big question is why are they attaking childrens item. Bikes, swingsets, and now a toddlers bed.

Or is it that they just don't like the kids that scream at them at the petting zoo?

I think Graz has it... they're getting back
at the kids from the petting zoo thing.

Still, how many of us have not become enraged at
seeing our own image in a mirror? I do.

This reminds me of an incident about 15 or so years ago. 2 boys were chasing a deer down around the local lake. The 2 ran the deer up the road and cornered the thing inside the premises of the water treatment plant built near the lake. When they led the deer to the building, the deer ran inside by means of going straight through the glass front door. Inside the treatment plant, (ANIMAL LOVERS SHOULD NOT READ THE REST OF THIS POST) the boys killed the deer. When the superintendent arrived the next morning, deer blood was everywhere and there was very little of a front door left. IN the end, the whole bottom floor was repainted and the 2 idiots were brought to justice.

My parents have a simular, but slightly smaller problem with their house and birds. Their kitchen and living room windows lined up and birds would think they could fly through. We'd hear a 'thunk' and see the bird dazed on the ground.

Luckly none ever made it though or it might have scratched someone. And that would have called for all sorts of shots and the like. Not to mention cleaning up the feathers around the house after Dad got it with the shotgun. Talk about splatter....

That's all.

"These houses have big windows that start low near the ground... It could be that when they see another elk mirrored on the window, the elks go through," inspector Erkki Kerola said.

Yeah, could be. What a lame attempt to explain the phenomenon...

Once when we came home from grocery shopping, we found bits and pieces of a small dead bird inside our apartment. (We couldn't tell what kind it was because it was pretty much destroyed.) We left the balcony sliding doors open so our cat could go out and sun herself and get some exercise. Apparently the agile little horror had been having fun with the poor bird while we were gone. There were little pieces of dead bird all the way into the apartment! I found a tiny leg in front of my bedroom door!

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