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June 25, 2004


Mr. Snail, you could learn a thing or two about promotion from this team.

(Thanks to Jen Sirois)


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I'll be coming to that.

I was disturbed by the quote jock-straps and baseball often go hand in hand.

Not my hands.

Not too crazy of a promotion, being that jock-straps and baseball often go hand in hand.

Brian B Again with the whole Hands/Jock Strap thing...what the hell is going on??

i'm with you Elle - uh, duh, this should have been done BEFORE father's day; us girls might have been able to do something here. but what should we do with it now..maybe they make good slingshots. possible the most stupid giveaway in sportsdom. maybe next week they will be giving away sports bras.

Can somebody please tell me who Mr. Snail is? Dave and Judi post it all the time, but I am clueless about it. Thanks.

It doesn't get much better than this Judi.

Maybe they'll have a Ladies' Night promotion and give away something from their product line.

elle, just tell him you caught one in the stands.

Mot-Wah: Mr. Snail is an anagram for Marlins, as in Florida Marlins.

Mr. Snail is the exciting mascot of the Florida Marlins, I believe. But Judi can correct me if I'm wrong.

There, you see, I was close. I knew it involved the Marlins.

Thanks. Y'all're great. Life can go on again.

At the risk of losing 50% of my vast public, may I suggest sewing two of them side by sise as a fashion statement for a bikini top. Reply for free beer tomorrow.

At the risk of losing 50% of my vast public, may I suggest sewing two of them side by sise as a fashion statement for a bikini top. Reply for free beer tomorrow.

Just a bit outside!

They should do a special special promotion, honoring catchers, and give away plastic cups (and I don't mean the beer-holding kind. Although I guess you could...).

elle n' queensbee:


or hang 'em from your rearview mirrior in a "trophy" like manner.

bwahhhha, lurker. and of course i suppose it could be a teeeeny tiny yarmulke... for your dog, assuming you might be religious. wait, that would work better for the sports bra.

yeah, you can wear them on your head. It's a

I sent this to a friend, who said "it gives new meaning to take me out to the ballgame."

Now I'm curious. What does Mr. Snail look

Ok, I just went to the Marlins website, and a
search on 'Mr. Snail' came up empty. Are you
making this up? Wouldn't the mascot be a fish, anyway? Like, say, a marlin?

I think all this indignation is maybe due to mascot envy on my part, because the Red Sox have given us 'The Green Monster'.

OK, you guys are caught cold. It's Billy the
Marlin, and you can get a bobblehead for only
$16.99. $16.99!!! Imagine!

Other names considered, and dropped, for the Marlins' mascot:


Favorite quote: "Girls, boys and adults of all ages qualify for the FREE give-away." Yeah, like I'm going to take my 9 and 11 year old daughters to the game THAT day!

Unofficial mascots seem to have a way of displacing the official ones. In Atlanta the unofficial Braves mascot is a tomohawk, which has displaced Homer the Brave (double play on words) and Chief Nokahoma, thus alleviating the politial incorrectness of a team name which was thought at one time to be fierce and awe inspiring, but is now considered demeaning.

Alright class, now your assignment is to diagram the preceeding sentence.

djtonyb: Good ol' Google image search! I just got lucky to find one with beer.

Hah! Great Mr. Snail pix.

The Boston Green Monster is just an embarassment.

"jock-straps and baseball often go hand in hand." Not the game of baseball I remember.

Maybe that's why my team came in almost last....

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