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June 22, 2004


Book one.

(Thanks to Brian Heffernan)


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Barry is hope and hopelessness.
I couldn't put it better.

MOTW: Better to observe the whole quotation:

"Barry is hope and hopelessness. Barry is love, desire, passion. Barry is exuberance. . . . My friends, listen carefully: Barry Manilow is the truth..."

That, my friends, is pure beauty.

Gloomy thoughts, these, so let me close with the news that Schaffer is hard at work on the next novel in the Seegerman series, fearlessly titled "I Right the Wrongs."


I rot rat was MY rine!

Rarely, if ever, in recent memory do I recall finding a phrase in a review article of a book having to do with Barry Manilow that would be an ideal slogan for Dave Barry's presidential campaign, but today is a special day: "Hounded, Trounced, and Luckless, but Still Cautiously Optimistic."

I think Dave's excessive infatuation with Barry Manilow stems from searching the internet for his own name.

what on earth does "WBAGNFARB" mean?!?!?!

thanks, its all so clear now...well, not all of it, but a little piece of it

Maybe, but Barry didn't write 'I Write the Songs'.
He did write 'Stuck on Band-Aids', tho.

I keep sayin it, cause it's so.

I am just so backed up on my reading that I think
I may not get to this one for a while.

elle- i had the same line copied, and well, you got in first. so i agree. i think i might want to read this book. it IS a comedy, right?

and wait! G.O.D. is that trucking firm Guaranteed
Overland Delivery. 'Giving Out Dinners'???

I'm hopped up on Froot Loops RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Please note, however, that I am not a six-year old lesbian drummer.

dj, fire away and aim for well-done!

Speaking of songs BM did or didn't write, read the lyrics to "tryin' to get the feeling back" and see if you don't think he should sell that song to Viagra. Go beyond the title folks, and tell me I'm wrong.

Correction: It's "Tryin' to get the feeling again."

It's a funny distinction to make between "lesbian" six-year-old girls and "all other six-year-old girls." How do you tell the difference? Just out of idle curiosity.

Wow. Stories like this make me feel so much more normal. I don't know that there is anything left to say, except that...

"Purposefully Towards Gomorrah" WBAGNFAR Album.

BTW, steff, I am fairly new to this blog as well, and WBAGNFARB only dawned on me yesterday.

BTW, those

There may be an unwritten rule about 3 comments in a row, but my last was truncated. It was to have concluded:

BTW, for those of you

Doh! Now I understand the problem. Never use the "less than" symbol in your comments. It truncates remaining characters.


BTW, for those of you under 30, an "album" is... aw, $hit. Forget it.

I don't think anyone

Three comments in a row

is perfectly excusable

but four?

Four's downright criminal.

The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of the Apocalypse; now THAT wbagnfarb, much better than Barry X and the Mandys.

Moe, no rules, unwritten or otherwise, as long as you don't post the sanem thing (accidentally) over and over again, like Punky once did 11 or 27 times (I forget). ;)

Much as I hate to admit it, the BM stuff aside, it sounds like a book that might be worth reading.

Blaw. I am such a goof.

or the same thing

Yes, Doug, but a loveable goof. I'm sure you'll star in your own series someday...It occurs to me this blog is kinda like "Cheers" in cyberspace, but with an Altman-esque cast of revolving characters.

Third barstool from the left,

lets all read the book, like a book club. a blog club. then we can talk about it, and finally, write a book report.

Oh, I forgot, a very tragic thing happened: Sunday we had this big graduation party for my brother at my grandparents' in Vista, and before we left, I grabbed my water bottle and Dave Barry's Greatest Hits (the one Banjo chewed up), and anyway, as we were stopped at the La Palma light, this elderly couple begins honking furiously, right, and waving their arms, and we're watching them, thinking, oh, they're just elderly and brainless, but then, whoa, they finally conveyed that there was something on the roof of our car, and there was, in fact, and this sentence is too long and I doubt any of you are still following this so I could probably say whatever I want without anyone protesting like Dr. Phil is a sausagehead, and so finally my brother climbed out the window (four long years of high school paying off), deeming it a superior way to reach the rooftop contents than to open the door, but to my dismay all he found was: the water bottle.

So I need a new Greatest Hits book, although I'll bet I can probably recite every word of every column in it.

Yuck, this sandwich I'm eating tastes like celery, and it's supposed to be "turkey." Heh. Turkey.

Damn "metro" sexuals.

Doug: Vista, California?

This blog should be subtitled "Barrybashers Anonymous".

great. now i have the hooked on bandaid song earworm. great just great, oh mandy, you came, and ..... arrrrghhhh ......

SMFTC, who's anonymous?

Don't you know that my moniker stands for the "European Astrophysics Doctoral Network" and the "East Asian Development Network"?

Not too mention the third tree in the Garden ;-)

Ooga chuka ooga chuka ooga ooga ooga chuka....

Thanks graz. i can live with that song, at the copa, copacabana, his name was...........arggggghhhhh
help. will somebody please sing some motown?

Hows this?


Get up, get up, get up, get up
Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up

Oh baby, now let's get down tonight
Baby I'm hot just like an oven, I need some loving
And baby, I can't hold it much longer, it's getting stronger and stronger
And when I get that feeling I want sexual healing - sexual healing
Oh baby, makes me feel so fine, helps to relieve my mind

Sexual healing, baby, is good for me
Sexual healing is something that's good for me
Whenever blue teardrops are falling
And my emotional stability is leaving me there is something I can do
I can get on the telephone and call you up, baby
And honey, I know you'll be there to relieve me
The love you give to me will free me
If you don't know the things you're dealing
Oh, I can tell you, darling, that it's sexual healing

ahhh. marvin gaye. i can rest easy. thanks. whew.

I have GOT to get a copy of this book. I will die a slow and painful death if I do not.

I really come alive in a good Barry bash. YAH!

Mike: Yes.

"I am stuck on Band-Aids, 'cause Band-Aids stuck on me." I loved that jingle as a kid...Lol.

I bet Elizabeth gets a signed copy.

Will book 3 be called WEEKEND IN NEW ENGLAND?

"I'm hopped up on Froot Loops RIGHT NOW!!!!!"

Boo, wasn't that written by Barry too, to the same tune as the Band-Aids song?

Heidy-ho, neighbors. Nice weather we're having, here in Hades.

(((HUGS))) to you all.

{{{{{Leetie}}}}} Nice new summery, colorful MOAT! Thanks, Leetie.

And who could resist Graz singing "Sexual Healing?"

*fanning self*

Going back to ketchup.

It's such a wonderful feeling to get posted in the morning.

Oh, and to have Dave post one of your articles on the MB, too.


*eyes bulge*

This is definitely a colorful moat. And all the BM references... AW! I *heart* this thread!

Sly's deer story is on the MB! WTG, sly!

Hey - a MOAT with previous comments! That's different....

*zips in*

So - Here y'all are!!! OK by me.

Nothing to say.:(

OH - nice to be here.

Yankees won.

That's it, I guess.

*zips out for more coffee*

Yay for the move; thanks Leetie, especially as today feels like summer.

"Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime..."


*looks at rain outside the window*

Here Comes Summer.

And for Susan: School is Out.

Key lines:

I can root for the Yankees from the bleachers
And don't have to worry 'bout teachers
I'm so glad that school is out
I could sing and shout!

They just don't write 'em like that anymore.(sniff)

You guys all remember that one time when I called my boss a useless crap weasel? Well he and I have our first one on one meeting scheduled for 10am CDT, since that little mishap.

Please cross your fingers and toes, and ramparts if you can, that I survive this meeting, and that I keep my mouth closed

Hey gang!! - just poppin in to letcha know I like the new digs!

DDi: just picture him naked.

On second thought, maybe that wouldn't help.

Thanks Jeff! I'll be sure not to!

*pukes a little*
*runs off to her meeting, kicks a puppy in her way*

Hey Coast! Drop in more oftern!

Hey DDi, keep your bold tags closed too! ;)

For the FIRST time this year I had to
turn on my a/c last night for a little while, so I guess the Summertime MOAT is the place to be.

Congrats to sly on getting posted!! YAY!

Ah, kids. SOL time and the cheating is heavy.

Well, there is this way to do it:

Guy in line to pay, on cell: Hi. I'm calling to say I want a divorce. I keep calling and calling, and leaving messages, and sending you texts, but you never get back to me. So I guess this is it. I'm going to have papers drawn up unless you call me back. Okay, bye.

Thanks, El, for the moving notice

*grumble* *grouch* *grumble*
not heinzed

Office had a power surge that fried all the computers that were left turned on. And we're supposed to leave them on for managed desktop pushes. :(

I am on a machine that was powered off overnight. (that's good) But this box does not have rights for me to load the software I need to do my job. (that's bad)

The help desk tech said that "due to the high volume of calls" regarding this harddrive friage, it could be several DAYS before a tech can come out to look at my box.

Good, somebody moved my hammock.

They are getting ready to announce the Enron Verdict; it was to be announced at noon EDT.

Breaking News 12:04 PM ET: Enron Verdict Announcements Begin: Lay Is Guilty on All 6 Counts; Skilling Is Guilty of Conspiracy

NYTimes web site.
Thx, sly..

Lay and Skilling: Guilty

All counts

Ah, summertime. So, um, when does the living get easy?

Good job, Leetie and El.

Lay and Skilling, gee, what a bummer, huh?

more re Skilling:

and Several Fraud Counts

I am not a hamster.

Time Has Come Today for Lay & Skilling.

Have you EVER been a hamster?

A little more detail on Enron.

psssst, will someone please tell Jeff that he's not a hamster on the wrong thread *snork*

Jeff - I am glad you are not a hamster. Please climb down off'n that wheel, though, I'm getting dizzy. ;-)


Eeeekkkk, I think I'm having a flashback.


That was mine too, El.

*cranks up volume to 11*

Followed by American Pie!!!

YAY Susan. It doesn't get much better than this.

*hugs Susan tight*

Hooray for Psychedelic Thursday on WCRE.

(*weird - for a minute there I thought I was a hamster*)

*Tosses Linda Ronstadt in the catapult and fling her*

Hey. She kept saying "You're no good, you're no good, no good, baby You're no good ....."

While I was trying to eat/drive no less!

*wishes he could've stayed at werk during lunch to hear Susan instead*

*digs newly*

[[ burp ]]

*captures hamsters* Hamsters are great for lab experiments.

I had 103 fever last night and I am still a little dizzy so I hope I only captured non-moatie hamsters.

*goes off to see what kind of thread Jeff would be a hamster on*

distant hug for Mad - take care of yourself!

Yeah, no doubt. 103?

HoooWeee! (Dr.) Mad Hot Scientist!

Kibby! Break out the slip(e) and slide brother!

MOTW - did I hear correctly that you guys are in the D/Ft.W area? hmmm....

Fish - Yes. Why the "hmmm"? (in all fairness, it's been a rough day here and my two braincells are tired of rubbing together to generate some energy)


*hee, hee*, I know, but I'm not telling -

Oh, just doing some preliminary stalking in case I do a 'round the globe Moat meet, you're (re: MOTW family) the closest in proximity.

No worries, I won't peek in the windows. much. Just ask Lab. ;)

((Dr. Mad))

Remember I had mentioned my friend who had a coal mine as a new client and she was to go into the mines this week?

She e-mailed me and said that she's in Wyoming, only doing surface mines there, but because of constant rain, that was postponed. So, YAY on that. BUT, their rental car is a Mustang convertible. Behind every silver lining is a dark cloud.

They are leaving soon for the other states and the mine tours there. HOWEVER, she's put her foot down and has refused to go down into the mines. She has a serious phobia at work here and is concerned that (1) she'll freak out; (2) she'll bounce off the walls and will create a cave in and (3) due to her phobia, she won't get anything out of the tour to be helpful in a presentation. She doesn't need to go down into the mines for her part of the presentations.

She won and gets to stay on top in the daylight.


Yay for sly's friend!!

My day's almost done here. Another doctor appointment (what do I look like, a pincushion?). Then I'm off for a four-day weekend. Yah for me! And, psst, next Weds is my 20th wedding anniversary.

AN...isn't that the one with Kill the wabbit...sung?

(My brain is mush)

And DDi...my brain is mush. I'm guessing the GRRRRR would have been the meeting. Not a good one, I'm guessing?

Ok ok. I'm really going to go get some work done.


Yay for Sly's friend!!

Guy in line to pay, on cell: Hi. I'm calling to say I want a divorce. I keep calling and calling, and leaving messages, and sending you texts, but you never get back to me. So I guess this is it. I'm going to have papers drawn up unless you call me back. Okay, bye.
What the...? I keep reading this and thinking..Who has conversations lke this? That's what process servers are for.. If she's not taking his phone calls at all, then the divorce probably won't be a big shock to her.

{{{Mad}}} Feel better soon, honey! (also, honey & lemon is a very soothing drink when you're not well.)

For the record, I'm not a hamster, either. I am however, a chick. Complete with fluffy yellow feathers.

Thanks for the Aicha clarification, guys. The only time I'd heard anything like it previously was Aisha Tyler (PS for those interested - I googled this photo..this is tame, compared to some of what's there.) However on reflection, I se it more as a cat's name than a child's name (yes, most of my animals have had people names. Friday was named by someone else. I''m considering changing it, too, because all my brother [her technical owner] ever calls her is FatArse.)

Okay.. going to think about breakfast now.

Whatcha thinking about breakfast, Kaf?

I'm thinking my lunch was more of a breakfast kind of thing. My daughter didn't have school today...so I slept a bit late...and no time for breakfast. Co-workers brought back a sandwich...but after a week of decent breakfasts, I missed the cereal and all.

So lunch was raisin bran, with toast, OJ, and hot tea.

Maybe I'll feel a little better, less cranky.

One can hope.

More talk about the web site...

Guess who will likely be doing updating?

Three guesses, and the first two don't count.

No idea when that will happen though.

Ooohh..the playlist for today.

(Boy, I don't post all day, then a huge long post...)

Thursday 5-25-06 All Request Lunch Hour
“I’ve Been Lonely Too Long” Rascals
“I Love Beach Music” Embers
“Silent Running” Mike and the Mechanics
“Time Has Come Today” Chambers Brothers---Jeff
“Give Me One Reason” Tracy Chapman
“Got To Get You Into My Life” Beatles
“Simply Irresistible” Robert Palmer
“In A Big Country” Big Country
“Pride and Joy” Marvin Gaye
“White Rabbit” Jefferson Airplane
“American Pie” Don McLean

For breakfast (I checked another website.. I haven't even gotten to breakfast yet...) Something really healthy like toast drowned in leftover gravy. Yeah. That sounds like a deal.


That is all.

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