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June 23, 2004


It's getting worse.

Key Quote: The schoolgirl called her father Melvin, a felt roofer, who immediately recognised a distinctive red marking on the creature as similar to those he had seen on Black Widows in the United States.

Yes, "Melvin and the Felt Roofers" would be a good name for a rock band.


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first - after Judi...

Judi is trading on insider information!

First! to say isn't this a repeat?

I don' like spiders on grapes
And that ain't what it takes to...

No, wait a minute, we did that already.

The message is clear, people. Stop buying grapes with spiders on them. Kapish?

"Hey, who mixed grapes in with my spiders?"

Double-blogged items? Never fresher.

Adding to the reason why this blog needs a "Search" feature.

Grape Nuts® should put spider action figure toys in each box of its cereal. This is clearly a trend that's got some, er, legs. Are you reading this blog, Post? Call me.

An incredibly brave man, to pick up a Black Widow spider by the stalk...
Copy editing is a lost art...

It IS getting worse. First Tesco's, next Sainsbury's, tomorrow the world?

Dave, you're right about Melvin & the Felt Roofers being a gnfarb, but what is a felt roofer? Was he roofing a house when he was groped by a Horny Housewife? Or should I ask Judi that question?

First, shouldn't they have taken it to the Fire Dept.??

Second, this is one of the many reasons my father taught me to rinse all produce prior to ingestion. It gets rid of the pesticides (or at least you can tell yourself that), the dirt and insects, to include spiders.

And finally, doesn't anyone else in the world besides me have an extra shoe laying around the house? In an example from my house just the other day:

"AAAAHH, daddy a spider!!!""

"Give me that shoe" *WHAPPPP* "Get me a paper towel"

Done deal.

The manager came and got the spider and sent it off to be analyzed? Just as last time, as soon as I saw a spider in my bag of grapes, I would have had quite the stomping fit and made a bag of wine in about 5 seconds.

Well, it is a refreshing change from snakes, anyway.

*Well, it is a refreshing change from snakes, anyway.*

Yes and they didn't kill it either.

I am surprised that the grocery store didn't require the buyers to pay extra for the imported spider in their grapes! Or charge them more for the spider pick up and delivery anyway.

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