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June 28, 2004



(Thanks to Anne Morton August)


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Bertha must be getting married.



Tomorrow: Nasshat family reunion!

hey - it's amish country!! fliegenlooper probably didnt fit on the sign

I don't see anything funny here.

Welcome Butt Family...

Welcome Butt Family...

Welcome Butt Family...

I know a lady by the name of Gay Butts. I swear that this is not made up.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, the cook was flipping birds, on the grill.
"Would you like them on buns?"
"Or are you here to play mini golf?"

that town is near lancaster. there's a diner called Zinn's off the main highway up there (rt 30 i think). the diner's placemat's have all the names of towns around the area. bird-in-hand is just one hilarious name. there's also intercourse, blue ball, and lititz

Not to mention Paradise and Virginville

"A Bird in Hand is worth two in the bush"

Ah, I don't think so.


What is one of them married someone with the last name of Munch? Organ? ... Barry?

My best friend in high school had the last name 'Butt'. Her father is Pakistani, where apparently it's a fairly normal name.

Boca Raton, FL has a 'Butts Rd.' I always thought that was agnfar.

maybe it's a family of dogs. i mean, dogs always go for the rear. after all, it was a bunch of dogs that put together that big butt song.

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