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June 29, 2004


Research indicates that Snotty is a community in Greene County, and The Zodiac Club is a nightclub. The chase took place through both Snotty and the Zodiac Club's parking lot. Sadly, there are no Snotty links. But there is plenty of local color on The Pulse of Alabama.


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Dave, you are quite active on this page.
I love the photo of the snake in Dave's yard.

Be sure to fill out the poll on the future mayor of Demopolis. Your vote counts!

No place to write in Dave's name, tho...

lurker, there was no option available for "I will eat my ballot." So, sadly, I could not complete the poll...

btw, what's the nicknname of the Snotty High School athletic teams?

My guess would be "The Oysters"

I don't even want to think about the school colors.

Their team name might be the "Phighting Phlegmish" or some such. The school colors would depend upon how many of them smoke and how much.

And, I'd bet that their baseball team is really good at (wait for it) spitballs.

Thank you and good night.

Hey Dave, this is only the "Pulse of West Alabama". Is there a way I can get a pulse on East Alabama?

Well, this explains why nothing came up when I googled "Snotty and the Zodiac Club." Next question: Why would anyone in her right mind bother to google "Snotty and the Zodiac Club"? (Must be time for my meds.)

I can't believe that no one has mentioned: "Snotty and the Zodiac Club" WBAGNFARB. I'd buy that record.

Here ya go Liz- I have some extra happy pills!!

MOTW, my dear, a slight correction. That is not a picture of a snake. That is most definitely a picture of an EX-snake.

jamester, Squire, then I guess ... the plummage don't enter into it, eh?

"Pic of a snake that crawled up into my yard. The air was tense and I was nervous until the 12 gauge I held took him out :-) "

So, if you live in the town of Snotty, does that make you a Snot? :-)

Living in Snotty makes you "Snottish".

And for the pulse of San Antonio, it's ladies' choice!

MKJ - Ladie's choice? Maybe cradle robbers. They better be ready to wipe the SNOT off their noses, those guys probably only shave yearly.

Lurker2 - I particularly like the 'date me before I'm indicted' look

Nice. Over 400 pictures in that gallery and you find one of a dead snake (which was incidently uploaded to test the gallery software and quickly forgotten about).

BTW-My site is mainly for Demopolis, Al. I've never heard of "Snotty", but have driven through Forkland many times on the way to Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, and pionts north.

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