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June 30, 2004


From the world of award-winning poetry.

(Thanks to Freemont�Aaronson)


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Due diligence people... if you don't know how to start ask your local public library for help to check out a company.

"We got made fools of," Delarosa said.

Well, duh.

I am waxing nostalgic for the next time Dave/judi organizes another "cyber-flashmob" like the "Freemont" one at poetry.com...

"Worland Woman" and "Thermopolis Girl" would be good names for comic book superhero types, except for the fact that they're actually dimwitted pay-to-gete-published poetry suckers. Or maybe that's just their secret identities?

Don't you just have the urge to read thier "nominated" poems? I expect a laugh might be had.

Link doesn't work, but search for her name there...

Wonder if my limerick of MOTW should be submitted.

I think NOT!

I actually received a letter from Poetry.com a while back. They announced that I had won some contest for one of my songs' lyrics.

I was excited for about 10 minutes until it dawned on me- my song as a poem sucked. I then researched Poetry.com and learned they're a scam.

Oh well. Glad I didn't send any money. :)

Oh, kibby, you just need practice! Here's my contribution:

Worland woman Maxine was dismayed
Thermopolis girl Mandi betrayed.
The scam was a book
poetry.com - the crook
"Colors of life" was just a charade.

Send in to publish
Pay now, and wait for your fame
Money gone in wind

Both got documents saying they could purchase the books for $49.95. Other options included two books for $80, six books for $199, and 12 books for $369.

That's right! Everyone knows books are sold by weight. Some settling of the contents is likely to occur during shipping.

As a Wyoming resident, I have to speak out in defense of these folks. You can't fault small-town America (and the whole STATE is a small town from the rest of the country's perspective) for being naive. Now, if they fall for a scam like this again it will be their own fault, but "due diligence" isn't the first thing that crosses your mind in a place where you can leave the keys in the car with the engine running while you run in to buy a Coke [tm]. Folks still trust one another here, and that's not necessarily a Bad Thing. I like the fact that I can let my kids run around downtown after dark and not worry about Amber Alerts. Back in Dallas, I couldn't let them go from the front door to the mailbox at the curb without full body armor and a police escort.

Experienced writers know about the predators (especially since Jayne Hitchcock's scary experiences), but everybody has a first time learning experience where we find out the hard way what life is like outside the backyard. Now Thermopolis Girl and Worland Woman are sadder but wiser, and better equipped to battle the forces of evil in the literary world.

I'm with Pete

I don't get it. We stop keeping score for soccer and baseball so it won't hurt the kids' feelings. We don't let them play dodgeball because all the nerdy kids get nailed first. Now an outfit comes along that makes them all winners and we call it a scam? What is up people?????

I'd never fall for a scam like that. I'd know as soon as they said my poetry was good that they were either crooked or stupid!

Uh, Brad, I think we call it a scam because it exists solely to take their money.

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