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June 30, 2004


...to this motorist.

(Thanks to EIB)


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three a month??? move over Fla...

I wonder how many people drive directly into the ocean per month.

So. Are they happy that nobody was hurt, or what?

'"And so I guess two people were in the pool and they got out OK and it was my 80th birthday, so this was my birthday present," she said.'

What she didn't say was that she had wanted a nice new robe instead.

*Affordable Towing said cost to remove the car will run about $3,000.*

AFFORDABLE TOWING!!!$3,000... I don't think so.

Followup story will have the son arrested to playing chicken with the Highlander and forcing into Mom's pool. "Happy Birthday Mom!"
"Oh, thank you, Mark. It's...nice"
"Mom, what's the matter?"
"Well, to tell the truth, son, I was really hoping for a moose"

Another case of context-sensitive advertising: when I linked to the story, the ad beside the photo of the swimming SUV was for a Jeep shown navigating some rough terrain, with a tag line something like "If your vehicle can make it through here, it can make it anywhere."

Flugtag strikes again?

Does anyone else find it ironic that the SUV lying at the bottom of the water is called a Highlander?

Yea, I did too...

"Flying Toyoto Highlander" wbagnfa Movie.

It did make a nice island.

Ten bucks says the driver was yapping on a cell phone too...

Stacy, my thoughts exactly. Like, these people must have Happy Juice in their drinking water, because they're not already suing the driver and her husband. Are we sure that Hawaii is really in the United States of America?

Island living just does wonders for the nervous system, doesn't it?

"And so I guess two people were in the pool and they got out OK and it was my 80th birthday, so this was my birthday present," she said.

Sounds like she's going to keep it, doesn't it?

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