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June 22, 2004


...in the War on Sheep Burps

(Thanks to maaaaaaaany people)


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The reduction is so small, how can you notice? And FIRST again! :-)

Still no cure for cancer

Oh and allow me to be FIRST to say that Sheep Burps wbagnfarb

I didn't even bother to send this in as I knew Dave would be gassed under (so to speak).

elle - lol!

So, do they have to inject each of their sheep, cows, and other ruminants with this serum? Sounds like a lot of work to me.

If this science is valid, it points to a damned if you do damned if you don't problem. If we don't raise sheep, no global warming, more of a need for wool sweaters, but no sheep. So raise the sheep to harvest wool for sweaters, earth heats up, no need for sweaters. My money is on the science being bogus.

*in "Sheepish"*: Thaaaanks for thaaaat faaascinaaating liiiink, Daaaave. We like sheep!

Would Methane Producing Ruminants bagnfarb?

That is, "please don't ask US why WE'RE talking about OURselves in the plural." *cough*

Speaking of "we like sheep" there's a part in Handel's Messiah where the chorus repeatedly sings "and we like sheep" and then something like "have gone astray" or something but me and my sister have been giggling at this for years. I bet you'll never hear the same way again, either. Sorry.

Whatever do you mean, elle...? BRAA-A-A-AP!

I'd like to state--and I know you'll all agree with me, here--that "methane emissions of sheep" wbagnfarb.

So now how are young male sheep supposed to amuse each other if they can't burp the alphabet?

can sheep make those armpit noises?

lurker: I don't know about the armpit noises, but I hear that they're great at clearing a room after a few bowls of chili.

I've just created what I deem one of my all-time best anagrams: "methane emissions of sheep" anagrams to "immense hose fetish paeons."

You're welcome.

Obviously we've solved all of humanity's problems if we're focusing on solving the sheep belch problem.

but they have 4 armpits!! think of all the fun. sorry i'm late. i was at a meeting all morning. hate being away from the computer. look what i missed, and the algona thing too. boohoo.

Wouldn't they technically be legpits?

I always thought the problem with methane gas came from the other end. Dang, I should have paid more attention in Biology!!

Burping Livestock Antidote :: Rock Band of the Century

Haven't we had this antidote for awhile? I believe it's called Beano.

Think the sheep and cows should all be required to wear baggies to daily collect the methane so it could be used to create electricity.

And I also wonder why we wanted to know the magazine had 80,000 subscribers. Are they all sheep?

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