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June 29, 2004


We're not even going to attempt this. We're just going to link to it, and go on about our business.

(Thanks to Steve Lancaster, who claims this is "not as hard as the Crimson Room.")


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Right - we've heard THAT before....

This isn't really that hard; it took me about 5 minutes. It's interesting, but not terribly difficult.

This isn't really that hard; it took me about 5 minutes. It's interesting, but not terribly difficult.

Sorry for the double post.

Kinda cool. Not hard at all. Creeped me out when the birds all died right at the begining though.

Haven't done the Crimson room so I don't know if it was harder or not. That was before my time.

Oh the crimson room was much harder. This was fun - very creative!

Well, I feel kinda stupid, then, considering I can't make it past the hand of God, or whatever that is. *pulls at hair*

*pulls at hair*

Pull finger instead.

Hmmm let's see

Hair - still attached
Eyes - not bulging in frustration
Heart Attack - negative

Conclusion: definitely not as hard as Crimson Room

666 is a fun number to dial. I tried 911 and that didn't work :(.

When I'm happy I never smile

Warning to dialup users: DO NOT attempt this... every screen requires a long download. Oy.

I made a crank call to the White House and had to run before the secret service found me.

Speaking of which - My wife and I were installing phone lines in our new house a few months ago and I wanted to test my home office line, so I dialed the family line. She answered and said "It works!"

In a concerned voice I said "I think there's something wrong... is the refrigerator running?"

"Yes, the last time I looked... why?"


My wife doesn't help me test my office equipment any more.

All I've been able to do so far is go to the first place. I made all the birds die, and then i decided I better start working again. At least for now.

So, how do I get past the "second place"??? I get what looks like a group of lit-up buildings at night, with the finger of (?) God above which plays some kind of celestial choir music. That's all that happens. What's up with this?

Tivogirl -- Lily gave a hit above. Pull the finger toward the town.

Got as far as the piano... how many tunes does it play?

god says "PULL MY FINGERRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrr"

This thing scares me, and I haven't even passed the dang birds.

BTW: How DO you get past the dang birds?

John -- It plays only the one tune, that bit from Close Encounters. If you're aggravated or stuck, spoiler below ...

Try typing lk;ag

Tetsu - wait a minute (well, about 10 seconds) and wait for a fruit to grow on the tree...

Higgy: So the birds are dead. Now what?

This isn't really a game. If you're patient everything just happens.

Is it bad that my boss keeps crank calling me and hangin up soon as I answer the phone? She is the most childish person....

I guess I'm stupid...all I get is a ringing phone. What do you do?? How do you answer it?? HELP!?!

Jeff, just click on the receiver.

Tetsu: Once the birds die, a number should come up. Click on the disconnect phone at the top of the screen and dial the new number into the phone.

Yikes, I couldn't even SEE a receiver on my screen! Thanks.

I haven't seen anybody say they never saw a phone with a rotary dial before.

Pretty easy - I thought the music on the dead birds screen was very similar to Neil Halstead's work w/ Slowdive. I'll have to go home and listen tonight.


The whole feel of this movie kind of creeps me out...reminds me of the movie "The Ring"

Also--how do you get past the cards with the hand on them?

Geez Jeff. You are dumber than a box of rocks. Wow.

*Also--how do you get past the cards with the hand on them?*

Play rock, paper, sissors, when you win a hand a number comes up. Your card is on the left.

Box of Rocks - wbagnfarb

thanks...i didn't realize i could click between the cards to get the card on the right to turn over!

Okay, done with it...it was kind of a letdown at the end, don't you think?

AH! This has gotten me to playing Crimson Room again. Mistake! I have two keys! How come I can't open the locked cabinets? I can't click on the keys to use them...

I'm gonna go crazy!

It took me to some closing credits and said "Fin", but I never saw a hand or any cards. Did I win or something?

Bleh. Not hard OR interesting. I give it a thumbs down.

OK, I just went back and the hand of God was there, it wasn't there before for some reason. I used Brad's six, threescore and six shortcut before, I got up to that the normal way this time, but I still don't get what LMG said about typing lk;ag

Not to spoil the spoiler, but the correct piano key sequence is:


very anticlimatic. the crimson room was much harder. this was childs play. i want more levels darnit.

How dare this person make a cool-looking, fun game for free and not provide us with more levels and a more climatic ending!

I agree with Barbi. It is all about the climax.

sure, easy and sorta dull, but the piano was fun.



Weird... I was watching "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" when I played. Gotta love coincidence!

Ah, you have to love this game - easier than Crimson Room, Viridian Room, or MOTAS, but quite fun indeed.

*sniff* There's only a few levels though... :(

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