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June 25, 2004


Here's an application appropriate for a Friday.

(Thanks to Jacob Aldridge)


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First! But I'll have another, thanks!

19 metres. Ja!

Oh hey look it helps to use your mouse!

Now there's a productivity enhancer to unite us with our friends across the Atlantic. Lacks the simplicity of spanking the monkey, yes, but the yodeling is worth it.

How do you make him keep moving forward? Can't figure that out!

50 metres!

I and many like me want Dave's job.

I do this sort of thing (blogging) all day long -- but I have to hide it from MY boss... ^_~

59 meters

Q, you have a gmail account? I'm SO JEALOUS!

(Are they ever gonna take that thing out of beta and let the rest of us use it?)

Back to the subject- What do you do with the mouse, pray tell?

Dunno when they'll take it out of beta, but if you want to drop me an e-mail, I've probably got a spare invite.

74 meters

as he leans to the left, move your mouse to the right. Reverse the instructions when he spins to the right.

Hey, I laughed. He keeps falling down but I'll try again. (thanks greg)

that was funny. got to about 15 metres. at first i thought it might be something from here in Albany, NY. whew. it appears to be german. so much for their vaunted work ethic. its nice to know our fellow beings are wasting their time as much as we are.

46 meters. Getting there.

72 on my second try (5 on first, heh). Woo!

Bah, 82's the best I can get. After that he just starts tipping wildly.

Wow. I can't get past 20... no, just tried again and got to 30 meters. I'm amused by the snoring after he falls over.

Wow. I can't get past 20... no, just tried again and got to 30 meters. I'm amused by the snoring after he falls over.

I don't see the point to this game.

Sorry y'all...

My first double post though.

85 is as good as I've been able to do. After about 60, it seems like he's going to just fall down randomly, no matter what you do, so getting past 70 seems to be a matter of chance...

His random oscillations grow the further you go. I can consistently get to 65+, but after that you often find the mouse goes off the screen and he naps.

Here's a trick to let you see the mouse. When the game starts (after you click on him and he starts walking), right click to bring up the submenu, then left click outside the window. Your cursor will stay visible--which makes the game much easier.


argh, no fair, i sent this to weblog at herald . com yesterday!


87 meters.. . (Greg - that mouse trick really helps!)

Geez Clay, it's hard enough to break 70, and cracking 80 is damn near impossible. How the hell did you get 109?

Also, does it creep anyone else out that the sandwich board follows you down the street?

The sandwich board only follows you if you restart the game so fast that the MYSTERY HAND cannot whisk it away. Play it again and watch carefully!

He looks like a guy I used to date.
And that music is sweet.
doot-doodle-doo-doop, doot-doodle-doo-doop....

I just like his yodeling. Though he only yodeled once in perhaps 15 playings of the game.

I say, I first liked the game, but now I don't.

Wow - no wonder when I search for my name and every despicable act possible (including mortgage solutions) Google gets results.

I thought it was just me!

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