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June 22, 2004


This firm is definitely in.


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Uh, no thanks.

So Dave is just websurfing this afternoon?

What's so funny about this? They're a fine law firm with a pool, a YMCA and speedos.

He he. You said "doody".

dont some people know when to change their name? hunh??

I hope he sent this link to Gene W. I feel sure he can get a column out of it.

Comment #1: What's the best way to say "hello" to that Doody fellow?

Comment #2: Who sez Barbara Mack has no sense of humor?!

would this BAGNFALF? (4 a law firm)

well, hello, doody, yes hello, doody, its so nice to have you back where you belong... you're looking swell, doody, i can tell, doody, youre still growin, you're still ....

would that work? [hello dolly music]

While I am, in fact, picking myself up off the floor from laughing at the thought of Carol Channing singing "Hello, Doody," I was thinking of something more along the lines of "howdy." But you done me one better, queensbee.

thanks Liz, and i think i may have cured my earworm from the barry m. thread..........

I'm sure I don't want to see any of Mr. Doody's briefs.

Good one, bbescuela!

It's not just the "Doody", but also the "Nehrbass" before it. You'd think they'd put the names in such an order that "ass" and "doody" weren't together. Come on, get a PR firm.

yeah, but the PR firm could be named hungadunga, hungadunga, hungadunga, hungadunga, and mccormick.

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