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June 30, 2004


...grownups should not do stuff like this. But on the other hand, if you have ever been forced to spend more than five minutes in a Chuck E. Cheese...

(Thanks to many people)


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[Insert funny comment here.]

That poor beleaguered (sp) kid. Wonder how much longer she worked at Chuck E. Cheese after that little incident?

Good example to set, mother.
Cheesy, really cheesy.

Can't see where the pizza was walking due to the oddball nature of the taste.
Send the clowns to the nature preserve, and we'll then see who's chewing gum in that silly monkey mask.

The reason Chuck serves beer is so the adults can tolerate the place. Of course after several brews the liklihood of an assault increases.

Why do you need a liquor license in a place that caters to children?

The little bastards are always in the bathroom when it's their turn to buy a round.

I didn't know that those places were still around.

This could signal the beginnings of the female version of "Hockey Dad" rage style incidents.

That Arby's oven mitt character better watch himself.

So what does it take to get arrested in Macon? I think that lady better go back to her therapist in North Platte and work on her anger some more...

The article said that the mother claimed Chuck wasn't paying enough attention to her kid. Looks like it was someone else who really had the attention problem.

So many kids, so little time.....

here mommy, mommy, mommy!

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