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June 18, 2004


...have we seen entertainment of this caliber.

(Thanks to Michael J. Ester)


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Mwa ha haaaa!

Okay, for the record, I only hit "Post" once. And also, it was a lie. I was't first. My most profound appologies, of course.

And now for an educated and enlightening comment worthy of your readership: this is perhaps the most entertaining use of a vegetable and crustacean in a music video that I have ever seen (trust me, I know my v-and-c videos). While I was confused by the triple homework reference, I found myself no less captivated by their tantilizing vocals and near-3-dimensional antics. 2 thumbs up...way up.





Hey, don't do that wittout me!

Shrimp and banana; whaty a yummy combo for ice cream flavors. Add a little Kikkoman and you're there.

Here's the thing I wonder about the most from this little video. Why a BANANA? Why put Soy sauce on a banana? Is there some cultural reference here that I just missed? And since when is a banana cheap frozen food?


it's highly abstract art.

you wouldn't understand.

(but that's ok, neither do I)


Mike Mc, good job!

Kikkoman is in some deep...bean curd...if those two rogues ever team up with the Giant Cheeto.

I once saw an article titled "The Enigma of Japanese Avertising." Apparently their ads are REALLY weird and can seem pointless to the uninitiated.

Since when is a banana a vegetable?

"Baby...the other OTHER white meat."

Thanks for clearing that up, punky. Most people don't realize that all fruits are vegetables, but not all vegetables are fruits. Most are heterovegetable and very happy to be so.

I thought bananas were covered under the same regs that made ketchup a vegetable.

Cant-get-tune-out-of-my brain.......aggggrrrrhhhhh. need assistance. prease for somebody to sing something else. NOOOOOO, nooo, NOT Mandy, NOOOOOO


Queensbee: take it easy. It was an intensity.

Queensbee - Dylan doing "The Memphis Blues" will definitely remove other earwigs. Then your only problem is getting rid of The Memphis Blues.

hey barb, what's your point?

I mean, really, what are you trying to say?

I have viewed the video and am speechless.

Jest another Kikkoman plug to watch out for like the BM ones....

So is Kikkoman Man a Japanese superhero, or is he the Ronald McDonald of Japanese commercials? Makes me kind of afraid of my refrigerator, I've got Kikkoman AND Heinz ketchup in there! Holdit, I'd better go let them out. They can duke it out in the basement instead of my kitchen.

Jessica, I done think in my drunk-think that you must've hit the nail-head in the middle! 8-)

Just one more Dave Barry "sidewinder" to watch out for along with BM!

That was...um...interesting. Further evidence that bad soy sauce fries your brain synapses.

Funny, I don't RECALL dropping acid today...



i love bannana and shrimp. i'm with those guys.

Yo, yo, yo, yo, Yoda!

thanks guys. whew. actually it was really funny. but i dont understand bananas and soy either. must be a cultural thing. my earworm is better.

Count me among the extremely uninitiated...

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