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June 29, 2004


Dr. Trubshaw is leaving Wee Waa.


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(always wanted to do that)

Well they gain a Lyon and lose a doctor.

Is it just me or does...

"Dr Trubshaw's decision to leave Wee Waa has nothing to do with the proposed merger of the New England and Hunter health services."

...smell faintly of "these are not the droids you're looking for".

Moe's observation is just one of the reasons I prefer this blog to the likes of Molly Ivins, William F. Buckley, Matt Drudge...etc.

He will be finishing work in Wee Waa at the beginning of August and will then fulfil a lifelong dream of . . .

. . . living somewhere NOT named "Wee Waa". Possible destinations include "Snotty", "Ho-Ho-Kus", "Buttzville", "Coxsackie" and "Eutaw".

If his lifelong dream is to travel overseas, what will his "personal ambitions" be when he's done? Or is his dream to be a life-long hitchhiker?

Speaking of non-Snotty, Wee Waa is considerably close to the sound I make immediately prior to emitting a brain-popping sneeze.

I think this line explains a lot-
"Dr Trubshaw has also looked after many other expectant mothers antenatally."

Quote - "The services available from the emergency department will not change."

Anyone else disturbed by the fact that they felt it necessary to reassure people of this fact?

"Nope, sorry sir... we only do broken legs now, not arms... the arm doctor left..."

Sorry for the random "fact" redundancy... just got off work and my brain is way below zero on the functional scale.

"His shoes will be very hard to fill."


Why is that song, " Weema whop a weema whop" going throu my head?

" In the jungle the mighty jungle the lyon sleeps tonight......."

"oooh weeeeeee oooh weeeee oooh weee weem oom oom away"

Or something to that effect... thanks Graz, it's stuck now :-P

By the way, what's up with the "lyon" references? Did I miss something somewhere?

I'm guessing Wee Waw would not be a great place to be a "top" doctor. Maybe Lauderdale or SF?

Leigh, the Lyon reference it to this.

Ahhh... thanks =)

I was really hoping he would pass the 300 mark
for deliveries....looks like he wll, easily. These were
people babies,, right?

Except for the Wee Waa thing, not much here, is there?

Alternate headline:
Doctor announces he's got Wee Waa out the ying-yang.

Wee wee, wee wee, waa waa.


... travelling overseas where he will decide on his future direction.

Most places "overseas" require a visa. I think he better pick a direction first.

"He is leaving to persue personal ambitions."

He's going to Vegas to replace Roy Horn.

"Sigfreid & Murray" has a nice ring to it, I think.

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