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June 30, 2004


You also need to stay out of bed.


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Resisting the temptation...

When I pulled down the blanket, there it was, twice as thick as my thumb

Am I imagining things, or does Dave have a pathological fear of snakes?

Hung Chad could not be reached for comment . . .

I don't think Dave's fascinaation with snakes qualifies as a fear, exactly. Sometimes a fascination with snakes is just a fascination with snakes.

Cars! Beds! Trousers!


Here's Hanging Chad in a loincloth

I love the phobia list. I’ve wasted far too much time at work (State Government: Blowing Your Tax Dollars Surfing Phobia Lists and Dave Blogs Department) there. Can’t even get through the ‘A’ section without a few hundred stupid comments.

Amnesiphobia- Fear of amnesia.

I think I have this, but I don’t remember… AAAAH!

Side Note: My dad had a pathological fear of snakes, which is why I made it a point to keep them as pets.

Being a devoted Dave fan, I can tell you where it came from--The TOILET!

"The snake's captors said they would free it in nearby mountains, it said.

The report said it was unclear..."

They said, it said, the report said. No wonder it was unclear.

I've been to Xi'an. Nice town. I didn't see any snakes.

Hi Fort! *waves*

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