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June 18, 2004


Please don't spank the monkey. It isn't the artist.

(Thanks to Leetie)


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Oh, that's just wrong on so many levels.

Oh, PUNKY IS FIRST! In my book, at least. ;-)

those of you looking for pictures of less-simian breasts may find them at the very bottom of the page...

Please don't spank the monkey

Not much chance of that

Also, I see that Leetie has joined MKJ in browsing ebay in search of the bizzare...

For a second, I thought we had linked to the story about the unveiling of the Presidents portraits at the White House, and they were showing the painting of George W.

Lou B. - Now now . . .

Lee - yeah, that ebay thing can be dangerous. I find myself trying to find out how to put a hyperlink into a regualar conversation, you know like "Hey did you know that less than sign a href equals open quotation marks www dot. . . etc."

Bismuth - Thank you. That was needed.

MKJ, just carry a wireless PDA around with you and hold it up at the appropriate spots in the conversation.

Lou B. - Go away, trollboy.

It looks like the chimp is wearing the million-dollar hat that was blogged a few days ago.

Did anybody else see this?

" Its retail price is $500+ in art galleries"

What kind of art galleries?!

First that English guy and now this.

You did notice where this item currently resides:

Texas, where else.

Haven't we seen that monkey before?

On an unrelated note, is it too late to change my blog's url? It's too long.

WooHoo......Monkey nipps....er....ah........

Damn, I need to get some help spanking my monkey.......

It's been too long if that's where my mind goes.......

I've decided I want to join the LAPD. I've recently discovered they have a whole Rampart Division! Woohoo!


You can shrink a URL with this:


Works great! Somebody on some blog or website told me about it, thanks to whoever it was.

It might not work for your blog link if you want it to be something easy to remember. It's a handy tool for creating small links to email though.

Another simian beauty (gag alert. No, not gag ha ha . . .)

Whatever that artist was on I don't want some.

Just for the record, I have had "monkey art" in my favorite eBay searches for about a year now. That and "whimsical monkey." They always turn up something good.

Mahatma: "Kakla" sounds like the guy with half a tongue.

Leetie, you scare me sometimes.

I just finished a degree in visual art, and I must say, I really do not get this. What is the underlying message? What is the artist trying to say?

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