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June 29, 2004


A judge has upheld our precious constitutional right to pose Barbies naked.

(Thanks to Mike Billips)


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Does this mean that the "My Little Pony" people will now have to pay the porn actors a pile of money?

Yeah, Mattel would never be respondible for questionable dolls . . .

Punky, welcome back. Also, everyone knows you can't really do Barbie sex right without a GI Joe or two...clearly the artist is a hack.

Thank God. I was worried about that.. :)

According to this, every little girl (or boy) who ever took the head off a Barbie is potentially headed (har!) for legal trouble now.

Forsythe has said he uses Barbies to criticize "the materialistic and gender-oppressive values" he believes the dolls embody.

... and making Barbie Enchiladas helps to criticize gender-oppressive values? Oh, I get it. (not!)

Not to forget the ladies, looks as if Evel Keneval has been working out . . .

With a little imagination, these could provide some interesting possibilities . . .

"Mattel is still very committed to vigorously protecting our intellectual property," Bongiovanni said.

Merciful heavens, someone PLEASE help me out here: am I to understand that Barbie now counts as "intellectual property"? Dave, please tell us you are making this up! I think I'm having an irony overload.....

It's interesting to note that the first Barbie was a copy of a German doll intended to be a playful gift for men . . .

whew!!! I'm glad that was the decision...otherwise I might have been in big trouble. My daughter's room is nothing but naked Barbies.

Make sure you do not click on the large picture of the German doll.

Here's a link to the case if you're that interested.

Mattel, the company that also brings you the M-16.

Saw an art display of Barbie's in Germany a few years ago, something about one of her BIG birthdays. They had "pickled Barbie", a chandelier made of Barbie's (maybe Ken's too)and a bunch of strange things done with Barbie.

Desperately tries to work in the phrase "Kung Fu Grip" & not get banned...

Nope. Ain't gonna happen.

Barbie: Skank Ho

First there's naked pix of her, now THIS!


Skank Ho Barbie

First there's naked pix of her, now THIS!


Now, Skank Ho Barbies WBAGNFARB.

Adding some new romance to Barbie's closely watched personal life...
"Closely watched?" I think not.

Despite their highly publicized breakup, Mattel said Barbie and Ken remain friends and will make an appearance in an upcoming film.
Guide to Dolls?

And just where is Blaine's right hand?

I am posting this link about the Barbie & Ken story only because the seller put so much work into it . . .

harry P - Seller crossed that line a loong time ago . . .

By the way - this Barbie "artist" in the news story sounds like a real tw*t. Too bad he won the case.

The thing I find most incredible about that last ebay thing is that a year ago my boyfriend really did give me a can of Spam -- he said he wanted to give me something that would last forever. It was apparently a kind of "girlfriend test" -- which I passed with flying colors, because I love Spam. I can't eat it anymore because I'm eternally on a diet, so it is sitting on my desk right now (really! does that make me weird?) and I genuinely love the bright blue can as a decorative item. Maybe it does make me weird. I've gotta send him that link.

Gender oppressed? Barbie? Oh, come on! She's been a dentist, doctor, cowgirl and astronaut, to just name a few.

Schizophrenic yes. Gender oppressed, definitely not!!

MMMMMMmmmm Barbie Enchiladas....

LMC - You aren't weird, but your taste in art could stand to be improved. Maybe a nice Warhol Tomato Soup can.

pogo --

A nine page ruling on the question of the legal fees? How about just, 'Pay the man, Shirley'

Clearly a victory for free expression, however,
the enchiladas were a little too conceptual for my

Like the time time I saw someone baking 'hair bread'.

Or a Beuys installation that was some fat in a
cardboard box.

MKJ That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

While the artist sounds like a real douche, I have to say I'm glad they ruled in his favor. Speaking as someone with two trademarks in her name.

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