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June 25, 2004


He's just carrying on a vice-presidential tradition.


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Oh go - yourownself

Yeah, well up yours, Dave.

finally, a book recommendation that is really important!! applause! i'm looking forward to reading it., oh, and second. or third.

的n some Greek theater, the [sic] actually hit each other with leather phalluses."

...Uh, why?

Because it made more comedy gold than hitting each other with leather armpits.

Well, Cheney's comment is no "Nattering nabobs of negativism" but hey, he doesn't have William Safire writing his speeches.

yeah, so's your old man. we fart in your general direction.....

All your Senate are belong to us

this doesn't sound like something the Vice-President would say. To me, anyway. I can imagine
he might have said something like 'weasel poop',
tho. Maybe 'possum poop'.

Then, it's possible he said 'Farouk Youssef'.

chucke: or giant squid poop?


Dave, I admire your Web surfing habits: One minute you're searching for breaking news from Algona, another minute you're looking for books on the history of the middle finger.

This sounds like Tip No. 3 in a "How to Win a Pulitzer" book.

I sent the Veep my dittos.

And one more day without anything snake!!! Yippee!!

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