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June 22, 2004


Top this.


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"Awww Crapo! He's got us there!"

And when he walked down the streets, the peasants said "Holy Howlin' Crap! It's Henry Howland Crapo!"

Don't forget the Haynie Crapo legislation.

(Boy the level of these stories just keeps getting higher and higher . . .)

dave, dave the hills are alive, so come out of your half dream, dream.

and run if you will to the top of the hill, bonnie dave.


linguistically-speaking (huh?), it's really pronounced 'craypo' (note the long A).

however, for this site and it's inhabitants (like me!), we'll just go ahead and run with our maladjusted instinctual knee-jerk reactions.


weirdo - i've no problem with that, i just feel sorry for the people with that name who try to convince others of its true pronunciation.
Like the lady whose name was pronounced "Ossman" yet spelled "Assman."

I give to my fellow bloglits (and especially elle), the url for the leading polyethylene tank manufacturer in this whole darn Country. Simply click on my name.

craypo. sure. oh, mrs. craypo, say the secret woid and....

Assman always reminds me (again) of Rodney Dangerfield's joke. "People are always saying 'are you a breast man?' or 'are you an ass man?' I guess I'm an ass man, because everyone always says, "You're an ASS, man. Thank you, thank you, great crowd."

OK, not one of his best.

I prefer this: "I went to Las Vegas last week and lost $3,000. I got even though -- I swiped 400 Sweet 'n' Lows."

I mentioned before that I have a co-worker named Harry Woodcock,

but guess what!!!

I just rememberred that a few years ago we had a professor here named Dumass. (Though he insisted it was pronounced Du-Moss)

I love it, Du-Moss!

That's like Hyacinth Bucket insisting it's pronounced Bouquet.

worked with a person last named Bigness. Insisted on pronouncing it bihj-nee. was a pretty bihj joke around here too.

I think Crapo Park is the home of the world's largest Tootsie Roll. At least they say it's a Tootsie Roll.

BTW we had a local OB/GYN named Dr. Wunderlich. And yes, he pronounced it "wonderlick."

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