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June 21, 2004



(Thanks to Drew Harchick)


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Kinda like shooting fish in a barrel...

Just how does one pull off a theft like that?

That's just sad. And it looks like the residents say the local police "post" (station?) is often closed... what gives?

Must've been one of these

"Government to deploy Federal Reserve Unit personnel" .... I guess their federal reserve people are not in the financial arena... so they want the army to get involved with snatch theives? betcha they already are....

When I first read this headline, I'd hoped (for their sake) that someone had stolen southeast Asia's entire shipment of videos of the film of that name, directed by Madonna's (sorry, "Esther's") current husband.

Isn't "Oo Yee Sing" part of an original verse that was later dropped from the Star Spangled Banner?

If someone rats out this thief, would that make them a "snatch snitch"?

I liked that movie. Brad Pitt is so cute! It's hilarious

Ooh, Lairbo, quite the cunning linguist, eh?

I was extremely delighted by the "related stories" listed at the bottom of the page, particularly "Most Snatch Thieves Are Addicts." Understandable, really.


Speaking of links torelated stories

I've had my fill of pork fat
and of the Chicken Bump
I've answered all my voicemails,
I've signed my name in blood.

Yet my day seems lacking, somehow incomplete
I've got an itch I can't seem to scratch
Guess I better get on my bike and hit the streets
so I can steal me a little snatch.

See y'all later (vroom, vroom)

mudstuffin, you da man!

mudstuffin does it again.

Lairbo: good one about (Queen) Esther and Guy Ritchie.

Ooi Yee Seng should probably invest in a consonant, or two.

Which is more criminal, snatching a purse or pursing a snatch - I can never remember.
In the Mahatma reference, above - Lauren MERKIN! Come on, now!

Ummmm...How does one protect oneself from a snatch thief? Would a chastity belt work?


Sounds to me like the locals need to take things into their own hands. Like an umbrella or walking cane through the front forks. THAT'LL leave a mark!

Walter - I wondered when/if someone would pick up on that.

A snatch thief is a thief who robs and runs.

MKJ welcomes the erzatz mahatma who posted in the second place above, Mr. or Ms. "email@nomail.com"

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