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June 19, 2004


Somebody had to do it.

(Thanks to Catherine Conner)


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This is actually really interesting.

Zambia totally wrecked the curve...

"Rule 1: Do not write the name of your country on your flag.
This just seemed obvious to me. Nevertheless, there are some countries that will flout it (like Guam), and they need to be severely punished. Perhaps they think that their citizens might forget the name of their country."

Great line. This is a GREAT story. And this guy has WAY too much time on his hands.

The more I read of that the more I enjoyed it. That was really fun.

Who died and left this arrogant sob in charge of flagmaking? he needs another hobby - job maybe - instead of raising the level of xenophobic hysteria that starts wars. get a life, asshat!

I can't say I agree with a lot of his reasonings... he seems to prefer the more boring designs.

Then again, I'm an engineer... what do I know about aesthetics?

queensbee: lighten up! Did he gore your favorite flag?


Chemical engineer. Well, technically engineer-in-training... I'll graduate next May.

I wonder what this guy would consider the ideal flag? I have a creeping suspiscion that the Nazi flag would score very high.

Also, where is the Isle-of-Man flag? Those legs are hot!

I hope not. Though I suppose there could be a unit in my safety class entitled The Engineering Lifestyle: How to dress do that you don't get killed by machines.

It would probably include a warning to never go by the school of fine arts again...

No I am normally clad in a t-shirt and jeans, as are most of my classmates.

mini-rant: no jeff, he didnt gore my favorite flag. he was just so judgemental and arrogant about it in general. nations designing flags hardly worry about aesthetics - they do it for sometimes emotional reasons. with his descriptions - there's nothing to weld people to their countries at all, and flags stand for nothing. now, maybe that would be good, and would end wars, but it does nobody any good today to diss flags that were designed sometimes many years ago. i guess what i'm saying is that he is arrogant AND irrelevant. end of my rant.

This guy is just wrong about the picture thing.

Kind of amusing though.

Note to queensbee: Lighten up.

Note to queensbee: Lighten up or go find a serious blog somewhere.

note to guin: i'm light buddy. i guess i found this article offensive and stupid in a non-funny way, not normally found on this blog. the writer just rubbed me the wrong way, so, well, there it is. i couldnt be funny about something that i didnt find funny. just borderline irrelevant. i'll stop now.

Marie in B: Snap! I had shwarma for lunch today too.

queensbee: no sweat, we all find different things funny and/or offensive. I just didn't take it seriously at all, so found his snotty comments funny. I didn't look at any of the flags he knocked (I will), but I like sarcasm.


are you brazilian by any chance?

just wondering.

How much is three euros in American? Isn't it somewhere near $1 = 1 euro?

We have a very good and very cheap place right nearby, but it's still not that cheap.

Well, I went back and checked the flag ratings. I give him credit for doing them all -- including several countries I'd never heard of before -- but I found his taste too in favor of the dull & uninteresting.

I like Brazil's flag a lot more than he does. You certainly can't miss it and have no trouble knowing which one it is.

So 3 Euros is about $3.60. I paid $4.50 for my lunch, which was pretty huge, I might add.

Thanks for the Brazil clarification. I just like the colors.

I didn't know they have toilets in Zimbabwe.

There was nothing consistent in his way of evaluating flags. For every flag that had a hideous color combo (usually red, yellow, green) there was another with the same combo that received a high mark from him. Same with his criticism of logos, pictures, more that 3 colors, etc.

Also, it seems that in all his years at university, he never ran across the concept of flags being symbols of the people and culture they represent.

Note to Bozo: It helps to understand the significance of what you are evaluating before you attempt to evaluate it.

I think "meth.html" pretty much says it all....

D (40/100)
Features a hawk sitting on a toilet.


When Dave becomes President, a meeting will have to ensue with the Zimbabwean leadership to discuss adjusting the flag graphic.

No, somebody *didn't* have to do it. What an egotistical prig this guy is to deliver opinions on flags that give whole nations of people a sense of national identity. Cruel, thoughtless, insensitive, patronizing: Queensbee was right -- this isn't the sort of thing I visit Dave's blog for; it's not funny. However, Kikkoman was so good...guess the one balances out the other, and we're back to square one again. But if I find myself unsuspectingly rewarding another Humpty Dumpty with a hit on his or her site as I did this one, I'm outta here.

PhoenixLady, you see, that is the funny part....the guy doesn't realize that he's a prig...he's probably so full of self importance right now at the traffic to his....um....er....work, that he'll become unbearable and alienate all his friends.....and be left alone with his "contribution" to the world.

Well, it'd be nice if that happened like that anyway.

that's the thing with this flag-rater. its sort of mean, as well as arrogant. i'd rather talk about bananas and shrimp dancing in kikkoman. there we are - dancing in kikkoman -agnfarb

I don't know I liked it. This webpage isn't in anyones top 100 in hits, it looked like it's intended for his university. I mean if this was some report to the United Nations and Foreign Aid was on the line for the best looking flag, that would be different. As it is, I doubt he ever thought that the Devoted Rabid Dave Followers would be debating his flag ratings on a Saturday afternoon.

I wouldnt bother taking him too seriously. Hes just looking at how flags compare to his aesthetics. A narrow perspective, admittedly, and one that I disagree with for the most part, but I still find it kinda funny.

(I apologize for my lack of apostrophes - I have a new laptop that Im still getting used to... the key layout is odd...)

He is *so* wrong about the picture thing! Like the Bhutan flag--it's great! America should get rid of those stars and put a dragon on it's flag! or a giant robot!

I like our (US) flag, and not just because I'm American and biased that way. It's unique. We outstripe and outstar everybody! :)

Why use one star, when you can use 50? Why not? :)

I personally like some of the 'busier' and more unique flags- Nepal's for instance. Why should a flag be a rectangle? I'm also a big fan of Brazil's. Then again, I'm a big fan of Brazil. But I'm a fan of Armenia, too, and must admit that the color choices (red, blue, orange) are nearly as bad as my alma mater's (red, orange, yellow)(VA Tech).

I can't remember the flag with the dragon on it, but it was cool.

The guy does have a point about the tricolors- there are too many of them, it's a bit overdone- but too late now, frankly.

I like it when the stars mean something.

Also, he kept criticizing the writing, and the weapons. Well, in a lot of cases, that's a cultural/religious thing. Like the Zulu symbols on, say Kenya's flag- a shield and crossed spears. That's cultural/historical. In Saudi Arabia's case, that should be obvious. Green, the Islamic color, the scimitar, an Islamic symbol, and verses from the Koran, another Islamic symbol. Same reason so many Islamic countries are sporting the crescent moon and one star- that's a big symbol of Islam. To me this is blindingly obvious.

However, I have to say I found the whole exercise amusing, especially his handy-dandy symbols explaining why he disliked it. I disagree with his assessment of them, but it was amusing.

Oh, and check out my blog. More posts there. I am maybe starting to get the hang of it.

And in the end, the flag wherever it begotten and spun is only a truth of lives laid and still standing in the balance.

Sorry for the "darkness" folks, but..."that which remains" regardless or colors or symbols....

What about Freedonia?

YES Jeff!! Hail Freedonia! Land of the Brave and Free! [sing in Margaret Dumont's shaky squeaky soprano] .... and let the armstrongs and the headstrongs battle it out.

Maryland has the best flag. And being born there has nothing to do with it.

Now, I could make a joke about 50 stars being too many, depending how Florida does in this upcoming presidential election, but I wouldn't do that.

My favorite is Antigua and Barbuda. Looks just like the sunrise on a beach as seen through the legs of someone who has spent that last two days on that beach, soaking up the sun. Beautiful.


That was awesome, good catch. According to that dude's criteria that flag broke almost all the rules. Picture of a snake, a tire, a weapon, writing (labeling the snake "snake", and a wierd tricolor deal. Based on the criteria it's probably a D+.

But Ohio has a burgee instead of a boring rectangle. That should be good for a point (or two...).

RE: the flag site. I vote for funny. Did you see that the CIA installed bugging devices in his teeth? (last lines) He may not be responsible for misjudgments.

Mahatma, after seeing Maryland's flag I can almost guarantee the Pedantic Professor would have vomited all over it. To be honest it is a tad busy, you must admit. In fact, it reminds me of one of those eye tests. Maybe this one.

Sure, PhoenixLady, and Gratis to You! Anything I actually post on The Blog is free to All and you don't even have to quote me.

Anyone can and has used "LTTG" (Late-To-The-Gate) which I opted for the initialism since I always am! :-) (I jest wonder how long it'll take to make it to dictionary.com ;-)

That Dominion of Melchizedek thing sounds wacky, wacky, wacky.

If you are going to deduct points for plagiarism, then Belgium and Holland are guilty.

The Dutch flag is the French Tricolor on its side - yes that is the true origin of the flag, and the Belgian flag is a French Tricolor, with new colors.

If you are going to deduct points for plagiarism, then Belgium and Holland are guilty.

The Dutch flag is the French Tricolor on its side - yes that is the true origin of the flag, and the Belgian flag is a French Tricolor, with new colors.

This site is a winner. It's hilarious, especially when you consider the time that went into it. I do think he's a little inconsistent and makes some poor choices on grading a few of them. But overall, it's pretty good.

No, Illinois isn't great, but check out Maryland again for a truly awful concoction. I think Texas should get high marks, and I'm from New York.

I think he should have deducted more for plagarisim and tricolors. As Kurt Vonnegut said, the point of a flag is so that you know who to shoot. By this criterion, Columbia and Ecuador are the worst, and Brazil is among the best.

Love this flag.


Brazil IS the best :)

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