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June 28, 2004


Squid Proxy and the Bandwidth Reiners


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I think I've found their album cover

I kinda like this one, too: impossible bandwidth hogs - wbagnfarb

i bet those folk take their stuff and themselves really seriously. wow.

I R Geek. This article totally makes sense to me, even though it appears to be authored by a younger 'rad' dude.

I R Geek too, MOTW! I was actually interested in the content as well as the headline.

Wish my bosses spent their day with porn -- it'd make my job so much easier! Not to mention giving me blackmail material if they ever tried to downsize me ...

Key Quote: "Squid Throttles Hogs"

I'll join the geek club too. And it figures if you're kind to your geek, you might get a little extra hog in your bucket!

eadn - do you go so far as chocolate coating that hog in the bucket?

MOTW, didn't like the pork thing, but a slice of ham dipped in chocolate does sound pretty good! :-)

Hmmm, maybe bacon too!


Zed makes a good point.

OK fellow IS geeks, how can I syndicate this blog with the XML or RSS buttons?

I've done a lot of work in PHP, HTML, CGI, mySQL, .NET. but not XML.


Dave for President!

Good Luck, jp. I'm really only smart enough to sortof follow it, not smart enough to figure it out.

By the way, has anyone else noticed that judi has indeed become the Stealth Bloggerette and has not only posted, received comments, but also deleted all like for a transient moment in time we were there then whisk away never to be seen again?

Qucikest way to get throttled is to touch my bandwith, if ya know what I'm sayin'.

what's IS?

--aspiring geek

judi, double-jeopardy after a few beers! ;-)

Okay, did anyone actually click on page 2 of this article??

Wombat, yes, I did....

Read it too which you'd understand if you had as well since my first post comments on it!

Geeks of the world, un-IT-e!

judi, IS is Information Systems. It's the group that keeps this server and software going. a.k.a. IT, Information Technology, which encompasses a broader range which could include Network Specalists., Computer (System) Specalists, programmers, etc.

*returns now to plain blogging - "Brain-Off"*

thanks kibby ;)

My all time favorite band name - Bellingham Washington in the 80's...

"Hey, That's My Bike"

My all time favorite band name - Bellingham Washington in the 80's...

"Hey, That's My Bike"

My all time favorite band name - Bellingham Washington in the 80's...

"Hey, That's My Bike"

For complete information on computer terms and acronyms, check out whatis.com

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