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June 21, 2004


You first.

(Thanks to Wes)


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First in Low Cost Space Travel Comments Post.

I feel like Neil Armstrong.

I would love to go to space. If I was given the opportunity, and didn't take advantage of it, I might end up killing myself in a couple years.

hmmm, that accompanying photo wasn't the least bit phallic, was it?

clever. yet another phallic-shaped rocket. ugh. this could be 'plan 9 from outer space..'

I'm holding out for Steve Wozniak's entry into the space race.

They've gotta be kidding.

That was a classic line: "I wouldn't put my dog in there, even if his name was Sputnik," said one man."

Reminds me of the kids in ROCKET BOYS (movie title: OCTOBER SKY). But they were kids and didn't try to launch anyone, even a dog.

We'll be going out to Seattle on vacation. You can test the rocket with our dog.

Note to self: Must warn others about Wheaten Terriers

On the positive side, our dog won't shed in the capsule

FYI, all. Spaceship one has been successful. We now live in the era of private space travel! Too cool!

To see more about these (wait for it...) guys, check out the team's website:

I'd much rather ride on SpaceShip One than that piece of junk.

From the sounds in the MOAT we should reserve a first flight chance for Rita's ex.

I'd go if I could ride on the outside..... Slim Pickens, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!

It's a 22-foot rocket designed to eventually whisk tourists to space.

How does one "eventually whisk?" Eventually implies an unspecified later time, while whisk implies speed.

Also, the article says nothing about returning said tourists. Is this rocket designed to just "take out the trash?"

MOTW - great idea. If YOU are selected to appear on Jerry Springer, you win a prize...

Kibby, good one.

"This is it boys, toe to toe with the Russkies."
A classic.

MAN, TV news people are dumb. Not casting any aspersions here, but let's just say some people put the Rube in Rubicon.

I like the big stick on the side. Whaddayou people need, a large flashing neon HOAX sign?

I'll just sit back and enjoy the continuing tradition of the split infinitive as part of the "space - the final frontier" mission statement.


"... to boldly go where no man has gone before."

"... to eventually whisk tourists to space."

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