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June 23, 2004


We report; you decide.

(Thanks to Theresa Hogue)


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I am curious why the rocks are such a tourist draw in Calanques. Algona, Iowa went and built a YMCA and they probably already had rocks...

Was it a pink not-a-panther?

Easily Alarmed AND not very good at searching. They called off a THREE WEEK search!

"Here kitty, kitty." would have been quicker.

elle - LOL! Then again, "Panther" - "Panzer" pretty close! I can see why the French would have surrendered so fast....
Then again, my cat could probably get them to surrender and she's only 8 lbs AND is declawed! Does have a mean little nip tho...

I guess it never occured to anyone to just run a can opener for a couple of minutes...

To call a cat, you say "Here kitty, kitty...."

Since the French word for cat is "chat" (rhymes with "shot"), do you suppose they call "Here chitty, chitty...?" (rhymes with — well, YOU know....)

Moi, j'appelle un chat un chat

Didn't we just have a story last week about a cat that turned out to be a mountain lion? Or was it vice versa?

So if the French mistake a 24 inch, 22 pound cat for a panther, for what do they mistake a horse, a dinosaur?

...bringing the French Homeland Security alert level down from violet ("collaborate") to fuschia ("surrender").

Just goes to show that the French were right. If we had given the inspectors a more time in Iraq, we would have found that the Saddam was really just a big house cat all along.

Because I'm a tasteful sort of guy, I will refrain from making rude comments like "Wow, that's a big black pussy." You're welcome.

I am also much too mature and tasteful to make any sort of statement such as "France. What a big pussy!"

I would also never suggest that you type "french military victories" into Google and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button. Because that would be wrong.

Is anyone else surprised that they didn't surrender sooner? Three weeks is a long time for France to resist anything!

Well, with the natural abundance of panthers all throughout France you can see how they'd make this sort of mistake...

Why oh why don't they put out pictures with this stuff???

elle: too, too funny

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