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June 22, 2004




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Drat! I hate missing a LAST thread milestone. It means I'll have to settle for post 4701.

*pauses to consider*

I wonder who will get the sweet smelling post 4711?

Milestone, shimlestone, bah - LAST!

Milestone, shimilestone, bah - LAST!

Hiya, Dave D! Still not LAST, after all these years. But we've missed you. How've you been?

When was the button LAST pressed?

Whenever I go back, it is always less than a minute since the button was pressed. That button has LASTing appeal

The amazing thing about the LAST button is that it is just a little prototype application hidden away in the bowels of a Google trial web development area, and therefore only a very limited number of interested web developer geeks are aware of its existance. I've never seen it get up to as much as a minute myself.

Which probably says a fair amount the mindset of web application developers....

I have to log in to email to push it now!! Oddly enough, I was already logged in to email. But it made me log in again anyway. It was up to 23 seconds. But that didn't LAST.

(pst, neo! a lasting congarats on the internship!)

(pst! Thanks, Cyn!)

(pst! How did it go?)

(pst! It is challenging and exciting and wonderful and a little scary and very very satisfying.)

And it looks like everybody's is well pst.


do i always have to be the LAST one to understand these acronyms?

or inside jokes?

or is it just that it's been awhile since the LAST time i've been here?

(pst, {{SG}}! it's just that some people seem to think that there's an extry `s' needed to make the sound meant to inconspicuously catch some-one's attention. i, being a save-a-step kinda gal, prefer to reduce my s(s). that or i'm inherently lazy.)

(n pst! you fergot yer parens in that LAST post!)


*I* on the other hand tend to go to excess with my s's.

But that not important right now. What IS important is that, plus or minus the time difference, it's Dave D's birthday today!

Have a good one Dave D! It good to see you've LASTed this long!

(pst, wys! .. our LASTing leader's BD is tomorrow! [May 9th] but TY for giving us a heads up so that we can get ready for a LASTing bLAST of a party!!) ;D *smooch*

Sountherngirl, the word "p!ssed" in Australian means drunk. And of course, pst sounds like p!ssed. So my well pst comment was for Wysi's benefit.

Cyn, you have to remember that our today is Wysi's tomorrow. Where he is, it's been May 9 for hours and hours and hours.

So happy birthday, Dave D. This isn't the FIRST time we've toasted your birthday, nor will it be the LAST! May it be glorious and sweet, and may the year be filled with LASTING joy.


happy happy, dave!

hope your birthday fun LASTs and LASTs


and now it's time for me to get out of here and head home - at LAST

(i gnue dat, neo! i wuz just messin' wit wysi!)


Many Lasting Returns!

*slices up Dave's cake* What kind of birthday drinks go with cake?

howz about a nice champagne punch?


Happy Birthday, Dave D LP!!!

happy birthday dave d.!

(leaves roberta flack record: "the LAST time ever i saw your face")

Belated Happy Birthday, Dave.

What? Dave's not here?

Belated Happy Birthday, Dave.

What? Dave's not here?

Holy moly, I guess I should check the LAST thread more often. Thanks to all for the B'day wishes - much appreciated though my good nature won't LAST beyond this LAST post.

The LAST time I heard "Dave's not here" I was in university! And that was a loooooong time ago.

So, Dave, now you're here, where's the stuff?


I'm not here - LAST time I acknowledge that I'm not LAST.

Good to see that LAST is not LAST!

Good to see that LAST is not LAST!

There is no LAST. [Insert pithy wisdom here]

Happy Happy Birthday!!



..from the Lasters to you!

There is no LAST...word possible when arguing with a female?


And add my happy returns to those maturing MOATies!

getting the LAST word:
same as having the FIRST word
in the next battle?

SNOOOOOORK @ insomniac.

oh, you are a wise one, you are!

We *snork* at insom
His wisdom overwhelms us
It is his nature

(did you all notice how I included nature in the LAST line of mine haiku? And I didn't even resort to bees!)

To bee, or not to
Bee, that is the question. An
Haiku of a sort

Happy Father's Day
to the dads on the LAST thread
My hat's off to you!


Belated birthday
wishes to Insomniac;
Hope it was happy!!

LATE to the gate, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY INSOM!! Best wishes for many more....

Hmm, seems Wysi's been forgetting to put on his initials lately!

*picks up Wysi's honorific and puts it on* Dang; looks good on me!

Happy belated birthdays to all and, hmm, still LAST.

OHMIGOSH! I didn't get here in time! June 22 was our LASTiversary!

Four years, and you're still not LAST, Dave D.


*grabs back his initials*

You've got your own!

Happy LAST birthday thread!

I've been so busy recently that I'm not getting back here as much as I should, sorry for being LATE to the gate again...

Don't be silly, Wysi. It fits nice. I'll just wear it at a jaunty angle... like so... add the punctuation.... There! *preens a little* You're never here, and somebody ought to get some use out of this stuff.


And you took my Spanish question marks as well?!?

Well, I daresay they look pretty good on you, even if you end up looking like you've over-blinged yourself.

And I may be busy at the moment, but I'm also LAST when it comes right down to it.

Let's All Stop Today. Okay?

Sneaky, but not sneaky enough DD.


*taps wysi on the shoulder*

look behind ya, darlin

seems that i, in fact, am LAST


Tap, tap, Last And Still There.

Lets All Stay Tuned!

Looks At Silly Thread - shakes head and LASTs.

*Loves All & Sundry Tequila*

Let's All Start Tippling!




21, and you don't look a day over 40-something!


I think I've got that the wrong way around....

But even though its your birthday, I'm still LAST!

It isn't my birthday yet, you goof! But thank you... I think. And you are NOT last. But thanks for playing. And I'm glad I'm not 21 again, not for anything.

*distributes birthday smooches*
(hopefully not for the LAST time)

Let's Always Stand Tall! Happy 'whatever' neo - LAST...

I just scrolled back through the early FIRST (LAST) posts - what a hoot. Four years of LASTing. Here's to another four - LAST!

well, it's my birthday today - is it yours yet, neo?

if it is or it isn't, let me not be the LAST to send you best wishes


Happy Birthday, Southerngirl!! *loves Sgirl good wishes to LAST the whole year through* Mine was the 18th.
Yes, Dave D, the thread has LASTed for 4 years; can you believe it?


4 years. aMAZEing stamina. Not quite that long for me though, my first post was in November 2004.

And it all started because a certain someone posted this:

LAST! Don't you just love thread killers;-)? Anyone who posts after this throws a baseball like a girl...

LAST And Standing Tall (as directed)!

Happy Belated Birthday, Southerngirl (mbe lp), Let's Applaud Southerngirl Together - LAST.

Four LASTing years Neo - LAST!

Let's All Sing Together

♫ Dave's not LAST ♫

Laughing At Southerngrl's Tenacity.

hmm, it doesn't seem to be accepting my posts anymore? *whimpers*
*loves all some tequila*

dave's making fun of me!

*Laughs And Snorks Ttekillya*

thanks, neo!

that LAST drink oughta hold me for a while

Its Marvin's birthday today!

*tinks* Here's to absent friends!

Lets All Suck Tequila!

Happy Birthday Marvin! You'll always be my favorite "andriod". Take care of yourself. Wherever you are.


i missed marvin's b'day?!?

well, since i'm so late, maybe i'll be the LAST one to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARVIN!

Huh. I hate to post again, because I think Marvin would have enjoyed having his name be in the LAST post on the LAST thread. But I posted anyway.


I'm the only one who posts LAST around here - Little Assurance, So There!

Travel. I'll be LAST using time

oh, marvin, sweetheart

i love you and all

but you will not be LAST

cuz i'm LAST

*evil laugh*

hey, i guess i got the LAST laugh, huh?


not quite. .. .

Smarvin?! Was that really you? *rubs eyes in disbelief* *pinches self to be sure* *pinches Android too*

And sjalt, do I know you under a different name? Welcome.

But I'm afraid you'll not be LAST. I will. You see, the early bird gets the worm, but the LAST one takes the cake. I don't like worms. I do like cake. So I'll be LAST.

Happy Birthday, KingW!! Much love, many smooches, and lots of cake to you, wherever you are!

Oh, and my last wish for you is beer! Lots of Beer, too! ;)


To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,
To the LAST syllable of recorded time;
And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.

nice, dave

but you're still not LAST ;)

If it is the last thing you do, remember to vote Dave Barry for President. Remember that he is the only candidate to agree with you 100 percent on all of the issues. These last four years we have sorely missed having "Mr. Chuckletrousers" in the White House.


what's up, dude?

i can't remember the LAST time i've seen you

but it's been so long, that i no longer have pink hair

sorry, your loss ;p

SG - oh yes I am LAST - to the toppermost of the poppermost Johnny as I always say...

You always say that, Dave? I'd be hard pressed to say it even once.

This however, I'll say as often as needs be:


happy early LASTgiving to all!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving, LASTers!

i wish you all great food & wonderful memories!

neo, so are so right

(oh, and i believe this makes me LAST, yet again)

"neeners" cyn

neo, so are so right



well, at least now i'm even LASTer!

Did you just call me a so are so?!
Well! I never!!

That's the LAST time I'll tolerate such an.... well, it isn't exactly an insult, is it? Such an... odd thing to say!



Since it is already tomorrow there today, that means the party can last two days here!

*rolls in vast quantities of wine, a very large egg-free cake, a band, several exotic dancing girls, and plenty of melted chocolate, complete with strawberries**

*... and an extra asterkiss*

If the party LASTS until Wysi shows up again, it may be a very long party indeed.

Wait, wait, wait! When I I said I rolled in the wine and the melted chocolate, I meant I rolled it in, not that I rolled in it. Sheesh. You people.

(heh heh. That's why I love you all so!)

.oO It's no full to be silly all by myself. :(

and it's no fun neither!
(praying this posts - had a dickens of a time getting it to entirely load)

where is Wys? (belated Happy Birthday, btw!)

Happy Holidays to the LASTers!

(and hugs. lotsa hugs) (`cept for SG! *neener*)

Suffice it to say that a combination of the birthday hangover, and work pressures over the last four and a half months (including not one but THREE work Christmas parties in the last week) have combined to keep me from celebrating your company.

Many apologies for that.

Neo, you should know by now that I'm a very visual person, and the mental image of you rolling in a pile of my favourite things had me ... entranced ... there for a moment. If you don't mind I'll keep that thought in place of the one of you with a wheelbarrow.

Thanks for the hugs Cyn, they always go down well.

Best holiday wishes to you both, and to Marv - wherever you are - and to DD, without whom there would no compulsiveness in the world worth remarking on.

But for now my LAST thoughts for this post are Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (just in case I don't get back here before then). See you in the new year if not before!

Leetie Awkwardly Saunters Through

Hope everyone has a lovely holiday!

Smoochies back Leetie, and a Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all my other LASTing buddies. For those of you travelling over the holidays PLEASE be careful on the roads...


*smoochies* back too

Aha! THAT's why the smooching is going on! Look! There's the mistletoe I hung here lo these many years ago! Merry Christmas, and LASTING wishes for a Happy New Year!

*peers about for Marvin*

Nope, looks safe...


LAST POST FOR 2008!!!!


Four and a half odd years of this nonsense...EXCELLENT!

All the best for the next 12 months to all my wonderful friends out there, smooches (or warm handshakes as appropriate) all round!


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