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June 22, 2004




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i don't think that was fair though.

Hey! No fair!! I call "Shenanigans"!!!


That gives new meaning to the phrase "sleeping with the fishes."


hmmm, that wasn't supposed to end up in this thread...

it's not whether you win or lose, its ________.

That was not fair. Pleas say you are sorry for that.

Having fun Dave? Is this what Pulitzer Prize winning journalists do with their work day? (Curses her complete and utter lack of imagination and writing ability.) I am, none the less, highly amused; and this is probably why you get to mess with our minds while we, like sheep, merely get to do your bidding.


i didn't want to say it, but you are screwin' with these kid's minds. dave.

i think, therefor i'm an idsiot for listening to anyone who post messages on this site. well, i have learned a few things. lik how to waste away part of day. sorry, dave, your kids wern't made aware of this were they. by the way, isn't your daughter driving by now? that's right, she married. surrender to the power dave. You should be in the movies.

anyway to get a permanent linbk to this item? I'm thinking of doing my disertation about the subject, first?

Dave'sego: "I haven't had a bite all day."

typical blogerrette: "Dave, it's an art, relax"

Dave'sego: "I'm tired olf this position, the suns in my eyes."

typicalblogerrette" "Here, these will block the light."

daves'ego: "hat's better, I have my hands around them now"

typical blogerrette: "Dave, is that your hand? Pinky..is that you?"

Okay, Dave's post is the funniest thing I'vee read all month. Heck, probably all year.

First!...oh CRAPO, too slow....

OMG, that ebay thing was great, Mahatma! I think I may have to buy it.


Hey guys, here's a cute gal who wants to get up close and personal




For the ladies, there's this pretzel-loving gent

(A thread about nuthin', just like I like 'em)

MKJ, how do you find these links? And I wonder how someone comes up with the idea of selling their personal time ... and I wonder if anyone pays for it ...

Tag! You're it!

LMC - If I told you now that wouldn't be any fun would it?

Quote: “I will not engage in any sort of risque conversation with anyone...”

Then what was the point of showing us that sexy photo darlin’?




Thanks dj! I値l try anything once...
*Spraying Aqua-net down pants*
How long does it take this stuff to kick in?

Someone ask Beany where Cecil is.


LAST! Don't you just love thread killers;-)? Anyone who posts after this throws a baseball like a girl...

"I can also offer you this... if while chatting with you I feel you would be a great person to continue talking to then I will be happy to start a friendship free of charge!"

Gee Melissa, how bleeping generous of you, you pretentious snob. And what if I don't want to be YOUR friend, did you ever think of that?

Did I say that out loud? Never mind.

Do not!

Okay, FINE. You want the Slashdot memes, I'll give you the Slashdot meme...


In SOVIET RUSSIA, Dave firsts YOU!

"Caption reads : Dudley Manlove-seven years of age signs a contract to appear in feminine roles. He may be a second Julian Eltinge. He is now the youngest feminine impersonator in the world. His home is in Fruitville, California and he is well known in San Francisco..."

You know, Dudly Manlove... from Fruitville!

"His home is in Fruitville, California and he is well known in San Francisco."

Why are we not surprised?

Mahatma: love that testicle button! If I saw it in a store I'd definitely buy it but I don't play eBay.

And loved the guy doing impressions ON LINE! How dumb was that? I can only imagine what he's going to demand the "heterosexual or bisexual" female take a picture of holding in her hand to "prove" she's worthy of his one hour. Dork.

Yo, Mountain! Great minds and all that!

djtonyb - You are too PC - every boy and every real man in America knows, deep down from the bottom of their heart, that throwing a baseball like a girl is, well, throwing a baseball like a girl.... No bigger insult, not even being forced to ask for directions. Can't have that...

I’m honored to be in such good company.

Hey, does anyone else think that “Mahatma Kane Jeeves” wbagnfarb?

Dave Dilegge - Anyone who posts after this throws a baseball like a girl...

Sound familiar? Like something that was posted before your last post?

Just sayin', is all.

Signed: D. Manlove, Fruitville, CA

Hey, does anyone else think that “Mahatma Kane Jeeves” wbagnfarb?


Maybe one of those “World-Music” type bands?

Wasn't Dudley Manlove in PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE?

Dudley Malove. I thought so.

Jeff - Good eye.

Nary a lollipop to be seen

DJ, you kill me. "Whip up the bst flan"..

What the shizzle? Am I totally dense (dont answer that!) or is there supposed to be a link behind "First!"? Or is that the joke?

Pls enlighten a dense Barry fan.


Ooops. Sorry, got a tad excited.

Try again. 63rd.

Did I win?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Looks like i am



I would massacre you in shotgunning or funneling. Massacre.

65?? does this mean i pass and can go on to the next grade?

68 (according to blog count, there are 67 posts before me.) I think we messed up the count somewhere.

Can I be 69??

Damn I'm good!

(Interested parties please meet me at Graceland)

Why not call this 71?


75 > x > 70

uh-oh. math.

I'm LAST! At least until NEXT shows up.

Criminy! Well Done! Now Jeff Meyerson, if you and all the other damned "First!" complainers will go to The BLOAT, you will see in the last ten current posts, that I've apparently flogged a dead horse too in terms of "stretching The Blog". The only thing that is NO LONGER THERE! is some gambling site spam-link comment after my 3rd comment to Doug Brockmeier's 3rd comment.

The Blog has posted, spoken, and the BLOAT bloated lives on...also the "First!" on any post. Even I know when not to beat myself senselessly to my own drum!

Setenta y siete.

Sorry, that should have been 'Manlove'


Ahhhh! Now the creeping fascist bastards are blocking links!

I'm so ashamed....


I'm shocked. The BLOAT is still going on? And I haven't been there in weeks! Aaargh!

Any other threads still alive that I had given up for dead?


83 !!! Muaahaahaaa ... I rulezzz


You people are dense. Dave is making fun of you. It's his very subtle, highly sarcastic way of telling you that posting FIRST without any commentary on what he or judi have blogged is lame.

Come on.....you know better that that......any time you post "Last" some joker will come and make sure that it isn't.......

Like me.

Or, it's a bet that he made saying that he can post anything, and we'll comment it to death.

Like lemmings to the sea.........cliff be damned.

88th! For some reason, when that's written down, it doesn't sound so impressive.

.... and 89.

Not bad for a one liner like "FIRST!"

yermom(ma) ... yeah, we got that.

Play on.


yermom- No duh!

It is an honor to be made fun of by Dave.


"Or, it's a bet that he made saying that he can post anything, and we'll comment it to death.

Like lemmings to the sea.........cliff be damned."

Yeah, Graz, I think we've proven that over and over. Like when Dave or Judi writes "Men DO NOT click here" and we can't click it fast enough. We're pathetic, I'm so ashamed. Nah, not really.

djt: you said it. It's important not to comment when asked not to, right? And I just didn't comment on the NO COMMENT thread to say so.







This thread is DEAD - LAST - the next poster really does throw a baseball like a girl, I really mean it this time.

heh, last?

Oby, it is tough to get the last word in here.


I'm past the humiliation, and I'm trying it again, but....

.....if the Creeping Fascist B**tards block it again, copy & paste the following in your browser:

I will never give up my coveted HTML pin!

Blue Meanie - link worked for me @ home, not sure how many (sic)peops/(peeps?)(sic)(sic) unsure where this ends(sic), a lot of software blocks pure "WAV" files from being transmitted. Post a complete link and tell them where the WAV is might work better. Also, do not use the three letter word for Automobile, as apparently it is forbidden by the blog software.

First is worst. Last is best. Third is the nerd with the hariest chest. Burma Shave.


Yes, DJT (thanks again),I first tried posting a link that had the word c**toon in the string, and it just wouldn't post, leaving me with a curious message that identified those first three letters as "questionable content". Er.........what?

Meanwhile, every fifth blog posted by our genial host has the word "bastard" in the title. Go figure.

To infinity and beyond!!!

Blue Meanie, works for me.


116th! woo hoo!

116th! woo hoo!

116th! woo hoo!

Being persistent is a virtue. I will be last on this thread - so help me…

Then this would be 122nd?

123 - my lucky pick-three lotto number if I only played it...

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