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June 22, 2004


We interrupt this blog to provide some actual information. America Scores, the wonderful group that sponsors the Rock Bottom Remainders' annual tour, will be featured on the Today show, tomorrow morning, Wednesday, June 23rd. (And if tomorrow is not Wednesday, June 23rd, I would appreciate immediate notification, or as soon as possible after someone says "First." Thank you.)

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled regular schedule.

FACTUALITY UPDATE: Friends and Supporters,
We were postponed! We just heard that Katie Couric's extensive interview
with Bill Clinton has caused a delay on the airing of the America SCORES
story! We will now likely air on Friday or sometime next week... stay tuned!


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Factual Emergency sounds like a great album title; or maybe it's a parody of a reality TV show.

Tomorrow is Wednesday today!

And tomorrow is indeed Wednesday, June 23, 2004.

Dave (okay, Judi),
Will the Rock Bottom Remainders actually be on the set of the Today Show or will it be a remote segment? I ask because of the (very small) chance that I and other of the Tri-State-Area-based bloglits might crawl out of bed early enough to stand outside Rockefeller Center and wave stupidly, or be available as roadies should that prove necessary.

YAY! i watch today. hope you're on before 815. i leave for work then, so i can rush in and check this blog.

Who decided to allow "facts" on the board??

It's a slippery slope to logic & reason...

Kowabunga! Slope's up!

lairbo, it's not the remainders who will be on the show. it's america scores. and they won't actually BE there either. it's a taped segment.

lurker: i'm sorry; perhaps i took unwarranted liberties with the blog and will have to be punished.

Lairbo, after a quick glance I thought you were offering our services as "toadies" rather than "roadies." Actually, either would work for me, but as Judi confirmed it's not the Remainders on the show, darn it.

ohhh. that's verrry different. never mind.

ohhh. that's verrry different. never mind.

and - while we're on this topic - name the tour - since Roger McGuin will be joining you - how about the Byrds-Brains Tour???

Man, I work right up the block from rock center. I would've brought a "WE *HEART* YOU DAVE* sign & everything.

is the post really that confusing?

inquiring minds want to know

The post was fine, judi. Sometimes we just see what we want to see.

Nah, Judi, everyone just wants to read it real fast so they can be the first to shout FIRST, except of course those (who shall remain nameless) who shout FIRST first, and then read the post, if they read it at all. ;)

BTW: I am planning to go to the Cleveland show to act as a toadie or whatever - anyone else?

I wish they had "America Scores" when I was growing up. All they had was "Head Start". As a result, I got a cigar and a stain on my blue dress :(.

I'll be at the Cleveland show and the Detroit show.

I'll be the designated drunk.

That hollers "Freebird" that is.

Yes, Monica but you have now assured your place in history by giving the name "Doing a Lewinski" to an act which was very much in need of a better name.

I believe there is an interview with Amy Tan on the segment and there may be some footage of the Remainders playing.

Just wishful thinking, Judi... Holding up an "I *HEART* AMERICA SCORES' CORPORATE REPRESENTATIVE" just doesn't have the same je ne sais whatever, ya know?

I DID mean "toadies", "roadies" was a typo. My bad.

Still, I'm glad I don't have to get up early and schlepp down to 50th St. . . . but I'll be watching! Yeah, you bet. Up and watching the show. Uh-huh. You betcha.

judi, I volunteer to administer the punishment. ;)

guess i'll just have to tape it......

it's been postponed anyway ;) thanks mikey!

Monica, don't you even know how to spell your own last name? Lewinsky.

eadn: you should have advised him to start drinking heavily.

Judi, I would have thought the combination of "Bill Clinton" and "America Scores" would have provoked SOME comment by now.

Before mine, that is.



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