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June 28, 2004


Watch where you're sending it, you twit.

(Thanks to Fi Craig)


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I think it was a different vowel that they bleeped out.

Actually, I liked the Paul McC*rtney private toilet story more.

This is SO weird: I got a BLOG CENSOR message for
Paul You-Know-Who's name???

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Your comment submission failed for the following reasons:

Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: Car

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Isn't a twit a pregnant goldfish?

Good one, Mr Chuckletrousers....

I confess that Britney's flash was more interesting.



...hey, it got through!

hum ....

Although tw*t being said to stand for "Total Waste of Time" is nice, I prefer WOMBAT for "Waste of Money, Brains, and Time". It is so much more useful.

waxwing, that is just brilliant. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks for the smile!

We've labled a few of our patients at work CPA's... certified pains in the hinies. I'll have to let the powers that be know of "WOMBAT"

I would like to announce my engagement to Page 3's Melanie.

As soon as I get out of the hospital after my wife finds out, of course.

Yeah, thanks for linking to "The Sun". I always like to stay abreast of the news.

I think it was a different vowel that they bleeped out.

oh no. do some people really think i don't know that?

so it's twyte,, then?

must fall under the "a,e,i,o,u & sometimes y" rule or it's olde English spelling, as in "tyre

I found WOMBAT at WordSpy.com and although I would dearly love to claim it is mine, it is not. Glad you liked it though!

I was certain that you knew that.

I posted it under the mental heading of 'amazing-grasp-of-the-obvious' humor.

And now I am in the same position because I thought everyone would know that too!

oh. sigh. :)

(you don't really think i'm *sighing* do you?)

Yet again, sounds like an

urban legend

THAT should be fixed. (the car thing)

all hail nava


Much Thanks for fixing the "car"! :-)

OK, we'll add "nava" as our local deity, but only 'cause you're their high priestess! ;-)

Fill in the blank test:

The cu_________ is always right.

Thanks, Judi! Otherwise it would have been Sir Paul's fate to be referred to as "Paul McAutoney" henceforward.

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