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June 21, 2004


...it's a cool photo.

(Thanks to Paul Levine)


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That is an old photo. Is that a US Airways flight?

There has been a copy of that picture on the bulletin board in the printer room where I work for as long as I have been there (4 years). I love that picture.


This flight probably got cancelled because the toilet malfunctioned...... or they couldn't find a flight crew.

hope they were checked for marshmallows.

What a great excuse for missing a business trip.

'yer lion.

"South African Bush Pilot" WBAGNFARB.

Heaven's to murgatroid!

"We apologize for the delay while we locate another flight crew. The original crew was eaten."

These old geezers sweating out their pension checks from Clyde Beatty are on my website and were passed on to Dave via writer/friend Paul Levine. www.b17sam.com

The photographer should be filled with pride!

I can't view the website thanks to my company net-sitter (reason: personal websites). Anybody got any ideas on how to access it?

You're right, Dave, cool photo.

Pilot: it's what's for dinner.

Now THAT'S airport security.

At least they weren't like Michael Jackson, dancing on top of the wings or something.

Oh, wait, it was too hot out.

Hey guys there's more to this than just another pretty picture. Check out the Home page link. Like the French would say ... formidable.

The usual caption (in my world) to that picture is;

"The Mane reason the captain assigns the 1st officer to do the preflight inspection"

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