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June 25, 2004


...without your nappy.


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Now I have another reason to wear my Depends undergarment.

Suck the poison?

So that's why it's called a "security blanket."

the Puff Adder? is this part puff daddy and part black adder?

lol elle!

I can just picture this snake going, "GAAHHH!!" ptui! ptui! ptui!

Puff Adder wbagnfa rapper.

Oh man! I spoke too soon. And a picture too!!

I never do Dave.

King revealed, "I wear Jockey shorts, briefs, size 32."

Definitely more information than we need or want, Larry.

I didn't know Larry King was on crack. ?

Um...the snake in that article looks a lot more friendly than I'm comfortable with.

I meant, the snake in the photo. Although the snake IN the article was a little too friendly, too.

Palestinian Vipers wbagnfarb.
*I* wbagnfarb.
WBAGNFARB wbagnfarb.
Every Damn Name Under The Sun wbagnfarb.

*catches breath*

A Palestinian Viper? Roll the bull-dozers...

Gives new meaning to the claim on the diaper box: "Holds 10-15 pounds."

D'Artagnan's Observations wbagnfa book

The chosen baby.

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