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June 23, 2004


If we let them get away with this, soon enough no artist will be safe.

(Thanks to Rob McCleave)


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Heavens, no! What's the world coming to?

"As I said on Monday, we might carry out research on him..."

If they're going to do research on poorly-recognized older pop stars, I'll volunteer to do Shaun Cassidy.

Well, if he was playing BM songs I'd agree with management.

I imagine Cliff Richards is a bit piss@d off at being censored like that. Wonder what HIS web sites says about it.

What does (sic) mean? This has been bothering me for years, though not continuously.

(sic) means "Yes, there is a grammatical or spelling error here. We know that. The error was in the original memo. We didn't do it; we are faithfully transcribing the original."

It can also mean, "Get him, boy!"

Cliff has FANS?? Then again, Tom Jones still gets panties thrown at him....
They're a little larger these days (granny panties) but still - I haven't had a pair of panties thrown at me for a while, anyway....

Who the hell is Cliff Richard?

I've smoked, er, heard Classic Gold, and Mr. Richard, sir, you are no classic gold.
Who the hell is Cliff Richard, to repeat an old quote from my friend Jeff?

"Sic" is Latin for "thus." It has come to be used as a notation indicating that the quote is exactly what was said, even though there is a spelling or grammatical error. For example, here is a quote from soon-to-be-defeated President Bush: "There are some concern about over-stating a numbers," (sic.)

Blimey. someone notify sir paul mccartney. he should be able to straighten these people out. they should be sent to france to look for cats.

But Dave, isn't that the hope?

Anyway, I prefer the headline on the version I sent in: Tony suspended over Cliff. Of course, if people don't know Cliff Richard, they certainly won't know Tony Blackburn (lucky sods).

Cliff Richards looks like an old David Hassellhoff. That's all I need to know- ok to ban him to me!

No, people, Cliff -- excuse me, Sir Cliff -- is OLD. How old? He was the British answer to Elvis, that's how old. He's been around since the 1950s, and starred in some of those bad movies-with-music like the ones we had here with Frankie & Annette, only (as I said) OLDER. In fact there was one about a lost American rocket in Spain that's been shown here recently, called Finders Keepers. He's just very well preserved, possibly by plastic surgery.

BMX3, Jeff, thanks for the info. I checked the discography, and stand by my earlier comment. The DJ needed sackin'!

I'm no fan of either CR or BM, but I'll say this for them - good press or bad press, they've been around for decades and laughing all the way to the bank!

I also use 'sic' when I think I've misspelled something. Is that all right?

No! Cliff Richard is one of the best ever! Who are these people who don't know who he is. Better yet, who the heck would not want to play his music?

Oh, and yeah...sic!

I wonder how much Dave Barry's blog has contributed to the Barry Manilow site's hit count.

I mean, we don't want him to start thinking he's really hip and popular or something, do we?

(Well, maybe "or something")

Gregg - You will learn to avoid the "BM-bombs", you must always watch the bottom of your browser to see where these links lead. I can usually spot 'em a mile away, but he's fooled me a few times.

This is just sic, pretty sic stuff.

There's a greta example of sic-ness on Cliff Richard's Finders Keeper's movie description linked to above:
"The local population heve fleed after the accidental
loss of a powerful bomb by the American Air Force."

Maybe it's not two mispellings [sic] in a row, but the local population are actually sweedish. [sic]

Lol and this blog sounds like it has the hikkups [sic].

"Oh Cliff!
Sometimes it must be difficult
not to feel as if
You really are a cliff
When fascists keep trying to push you over it!
Are they the lemmings, or are you Cliff?
Or ARE you, Cliff?"

It looks like Rik was right about Cliff. The fascists really are against him.

Manilow is safe from this. He doesn't exactly seem political, whereas Tony Blair spent his last long vacation as a house guest with Cliff Richards in Barbados. This probably explains the opposing passions over Richards in the DJ and in his employers, both of whom sound temporarily insane.

However (and I quiver with horror to say it), can it be that BM "writes the songs" from the direction that Western society must evolve toward if it's to escape self-destruction from its own creepy factionalism?


Please say it ain't so.

The mature lady who runs the stationary cupboard at my place of work has a slightly scary Cliff Richard shrine, including a calendar with shots of Cliff casually posing on the beach etc. Although some of the photos give the impression that they have been shot through about an inch of vaseline or alternatively with a thin layer of tissue paper pasted across the lens, the guy appears to have stopped aging at about 1980. I'd say he looked kind of mummified, but then again if I did I'd probably never ever get any stationary again for the rest of my life.

I would say yes cliff is old but at least he is still performing unlike Elvis who thought more about drugs and not the music.

I like Cliff and I hope he goes on as long as he wants to singing. And he looks and acts better than the younger men.

Cliff rocks! I'm in my early twenties and know perfectly well who Cliff Richard is! To me he has always been a guarantor of great music - and I could care less how old he is! Yes, he has been around for decades, but that only speaks to his talent and dedication! And yes, he made some rather cheesy movies in the early days, but so did Elvis, and we still call him the King! (Hey, it was the fifties/sixties and that was what good family entertainment looked like at the time - you can't judge those films by today's standards!) It seems to me that people have gotten so hung up on Cliff's looks, his age and his "sqeaky clean" image that they have formed an opinion about him without even giving his music a chance. Apparantly it has become cool (and mainstream) to bash Cliff, so God forbid that you should admit that you actually like his music!! I have nothing but respect for a man who has been able to renew his music and survive in the music business for so many years, and I am totally at a loss as to why public opinion has turned so much against him in recent years... I mean, what did he ever do to anyone?! All he ever did was to try and do his job... in my opinion his music today is just as good as (or better than) the pop music you find in the charts! If people bothered to listen to his music rather than bitch about him they should be able to admit that it is quality pop (and naturally, only people who actually like pop music should have a say in the matter - if you hate pop in general your opinion doesn't count)! Hmm... I guess this comment reads as one long tribute to Cliff, when all I really meant to post here was my frustration with injustice and my aversion to following mainstream opinion whithout thinking for yourself! Of course what you think of Cliff is completely up to you, but don't judge the man (and his music) based on pupular opinion... be fair and make up your own mind!!

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