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June 21, 2004



Flugtag for professionals.

(Thanks to Martin Anderson)

(NOTE: At the moment, herald.com is experiencing technical difficulties, so you won't be able to open the flugtag column. We apologize for the delay. Please feel free to move about the cabin.)


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Funny, I half expect my USAirways flights to fall to the ground too.

Incidentally, I am not pleased with USAirways. I was booked on a return flight from Charleston, SC to Washington DC on Saturday, June 19, 2004 (Dave's vacation suggestions came a little too late so I ended up at Isle of Palms this year). My flight leaving at 1:05 p.m. was cancelled Friday evening because the airline couldn't find a flight crew for the Saturday flight. How can an airline not find a flight crew? They had at least 9 weeks to plan for this flight.

Fortunately, I was able to get booked on a direct flight leaving two hours earlier on Saturday, but I did loose two whole hours of my vacation. Then again, maybe my flight crew was crashing items into Biscayne Bay.

Anyway, I hope USAirways files bankrupcty again and goes out of business forever . . . the hub-operating, price gouging crap weasels.

Here's some discreet ointment of use to gentle doctors when providing treatment

Ah Miami... I think the petanque tournament had balls that were more aerodynamic than those planes.

I suppose the skits were really the Flight Attendants, in their own peculiar way, demonstrating the crafts safety features and showing, possibly, the Duty Free selection.

I've also noticed some of the articles come with "Driving School" advertisements. What could that mean?

Probably means they're short of funds and will let anyone advertise. News papers are like that.

We try not to put too much thought into this blog. It's better that way.

The online Miami Herald is delayed you say? It might be back up in 15 minutes, or maybe two hours, but don't go run off to another site while technicians investigate? Is there a mechanical problem with the toilets at the Herald?

Man, I'm glad herald.com was haviing technical problems. I was sure that my subnet had been banned for posting inane comments!

Thanks, Mahatma! It's good to know that "Great stuff...Now I'm getting extra inches after using the Leech Oil with my Penis Pumps..Gerald Jones"

Leech Oil and the Penis Pumps wbagnfarb, of course, but the question remains: how many leeches did this guy have to (let's say) extract from to get one bottle of leech oil?

By the way, no fluging here, all I got was the perv doctor in Oregon.

I got the pervy doctor link, too, Jeff.

What you have to do is search for Dave Barry in the search engine in the top right corner, and the second result given will be Flugtag column.

And, amusingly, this comment page has the Star Alliance ads on it, too.

I'm so glad that this link didn't garner the customer billion and six comments, so that my observation wouldn't get buried; I'm quite proud of it:

I was *so* pleased to discover, from reading this column, that Dave's prophesy from _Cyberspace_ has finally come true:

"...to the day -- this will happen in your lifetime -- when no two passengers on a given plane pay the same fare."

And now it's happened! And we even know who did it! Outstanding, Dave. Truly outstanding.

I don't get it? Was the doctor doing the pelvic exams on a US Air flight?

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