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June 18, 2004


It's just one of those things that always makes you feel a little better.

(Thanks to Bob Hopf)


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Now there's the correct use of addictive! More soup, anyone?

So is it a crime now to be mixing opium poppy into soup?

I need a poppy seed bun NOW! RIGHT NOW!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! ARRRRGGGHHHH!

So, there was more in the hot pot stew than stew?

Sweet & Sour & Stoned

Those guys stole my idea, except that I was going to use heroin on doughnuts.

"Narcotics police in southwestern China shuttered 215 restaurants found to be mixing opium poppy into their soups and hot pot stews."

Was it opium or was it pot?

Say Hot Pot Stew three times fast.

It would be a good name for a Chinese rock band.

So it was a pot hot pot. heh heh.

I should have made my blog's url shorter. silly me. too late to change it? Dang!

Brings new meaning to the title, "Chicken soup for the soul." DUDE!

Jon - Krispy Kreme stole your idea...just ask Punky, she'll confirm :)

Personally,Krispy Kremes = crack

Soup is good for you, mmmmm!

Religion is the opium of the masses. Chicken soup is the opium of Shanghai restaurant patrons. Is there anything left to believe in anymore?

Naw, it's all good, Blogchik.

You should see the length of my URL.........

these guys have take out?

One would guess their soup sells somewhat better than the Vegetable Mouse soup at CrackerBarrel.

Graz, Queensbee,Lily,D'Atagnan,Punkster,

Just kidding, send some for the pain patients, the EB.

There's something wrong with this?

Ah . . . . makes me nostalgic for the good old days when Vicks44 was root beer flavored and had codeine . . . . .

All this speak of opium, and no well-read bloglit has made a comment concerning Edgar Allan Poe?

Ergo, "Yes, I'll have the Kung-Poe Chicken, please."


You fail to take into consideration why the restuarant owners were putting opium into their hot pot stews. I live in China. Have you ever tried hot pot? It's the only way they can keep people coming back for more. I've been suspecting something like this.

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