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June 28, 2004


Snake condoms


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what will they think of next?!?!?

"We're actually in the process of putting together an expansion strategy at the moment,"

uh huh, thus the need for the condoms

Rolled up part on top

Was this Custer's last stand?

"...putting together an expansion strategy at the moment..."

Hope they let the snakes grow large enough.

"we're able to attract to support the nationwide roll out of the brand"

Yeah, roll out that brand of condom. Keep rolling now, there ya go...nice snake.

"trouser snakes" WBAGNFARB

No, really, it would.

well, why dont they put them in condoms when they are very small, and then the whole thing will expand to fit.........

Lisa and Kibby beat me to my comment... That sentence pretty much says it all.

do the snakes have wallets to carry them around in?

come to think of it, where would the snakes carry their wallets?

And would they be snakeskin wallets?

However they get the condoms on the snakes, it's still gotta be easier than how you get moth balls...

"That think got a Hemi?"

yeah, i always have trouble with that, too....

if you want don't want to change your name to 'MOM', you want him to wear a condom. The best phrase to use is 'Let me help you put this on.' A reference to the Washington Monument will do you both well.

what will they think of next?!?!?

Well, Steve Irwin, the croc hunter, will take his wife and baby looking for the most dangerous trowser snake in an upcoming (get that?) Animal Planet special, "Trowser snakes of the Outback".

First, sex education videos for gorillas, now snake condoms. Let the animal kingdom alone. Sheesh! I'm sure they can figure out how to have sex on their own, and if they can't, they shouldn't exist in the first place. ;-)

BTW, I believe they carry eelskin wallets.

...says special marketing techniques are making its "snake" condom popular among a test Indigenous market...

Details, please. I'll begin to believe this story when specific, believable details are released.

I still wonder what a male snake does when he is, uh, excited by a female snake. I'd imagine that moving is quite painful.

Maybe the snake just rolls it down the whole length of its body? Might be hard to breathe though . . .

And if they wanted to play Star Wars they could use these!

...how traumatic for a gal if she happens to be both a virgin and afraid of snakes! Imagine the years of therapy she'll require....

What no one has mentioned yet that I can find is, IT WOULD BE A GOOD NAME FOR A ROCK BAND.

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