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June 21, 2004


judi informs me that the Miami Herald is, quote, "broken," and she can't blog. I'm not sure if I can. If you can read this, apparently I can. If you can't read this, then... well, then I will be very confused.


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Does this turn of events constitute a "news break"?


I can read the blog and read the article earlier today. Not sure what the hooplah is about.

Tell judi to pull the string tighter and talk louder into the can. It is the only explanation of why I read Dave loud and clear.

does this mean that when the Miami Hereald gets "fixed" it'll just put on weight & laze around on the furniture all afternoon?

English kids say the darndest things

(unrelated, but I thought it was cute)

Say what, Dave? I mean, who's on first?

So Dave can and Judi can't.

This is NOT a gender thing.

I hope this quick technical update has properly shut the mouths of all you trouble-makers.

all i have to say is, while it was broken, they fixed the damn clock.

Someone probably just tripped over the Herald's power cord, is all. Just plug it back in and let it warm up for 5 minutes, would be my suggestion.

oh crap! now it's on EASTERN time.

oh crap! was it always?


It's perfect!

Don't touch it! Don't touch a thing!

*time test from PDT*

Criminy! The clock is "right" again!

D'Art, ya think maybe just unplugging it long enough to get judi in an uproar was all it needed to do the trick? ;-)

Judi, you're right! The clock is fixed! Now what will the bloglits complain about?

You didn't download that crap spyware PrecisionTime thing on your server, did you...Herald?????? Fire
that kid immediately! Or box his ears, at least.

Does this mean we kill the MOAT?


Thanks for changing the clock. I didn't give a flying rat's ass that it was wrong but other bloglits seemed very distraught over it.


Umm ... should we tell her that she's going to have to change it back again in a few months?

Yeah, punky, I got used to mentally adjusting for the time every time I saw it posted on the blog. Now I'm supposed to think it's the REAL time? Dang.

Yes, judi, it was always on EASTERN time, except when it was 'broken'. Then it was on CENTRAL time. But it was okay by me because I live in the CENTRAL time zone. Now it looks like it's an hour later and I'll keep thinking I came in late ... but then maybe I can leave an hour early.

Anyway, congratulations on fixing the clock.

Punky, is it the ass of a flying rat you don't give, or the flying dismembered ass of a normal rat? Just looking for a little clarification, is all.

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