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June 29, 2004


"Survivor" star Amber Brkich has donated her bikinis to -- and this makes total sense to us -- an exhibit celebrating firefighters in the Beaver Area Historical Museum. The exhibit is "anchored by a hand-operated pumper from 1836."

(Thanks to Gary)


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Maybe the donation is firefighter appropriate, given her "smokin'" backside ...

Notice I avoided any "Beaver Area" allusions ...

I'm sure that this topic will be treated with the respect & dignity that this blog is known for.

lurker - you new?

What's the draw of the bikini without the babe in them? (or out of them?). Talk about desperate for entertainment...

Brkich, who got $1 million and a fiancee while winning "Survivor All-Stars"...

Forget bikinis, she is in serious need of a simple vowel. $1 million on hand will surely help.

These would be a good contribution if the fire dept's ladders are broken . . .

I thought all the hand-operated pumpers were in courthouses in Oklahoma.

Dang Rich, my thought exactly!

Along with something about bikini's not being around in 1836 - but that doesn't stop the imagination.


Hey D'Art... You beat me to it! Boston Rob has a lobstuh cage full o' vowels for her. Does anyone think he would've proposed to her if he thought he was gonna win the mill?

...they would have to move to Wales, where they could join a nation of vowel-impaired people.

I'm from just up the road from Beaver. They didn't become known as the "Bikini Capital of Western PA" for nothing you know....

....it cost them ALLOT of money to eBay to get that sign.

Brkich. Dirndl. Who needs vowels. We laugh at vowels.

I wish people would leave me alone, Ah did win Amabah a Cah fer Christ's sake!

Amber donated her bikinis to "The Beaver Area Historical Museum"? Gee, how appropriate. Now if she had donated a beaver to the Bikini Area Museum, that would have been newsworthy.

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