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June 28, 2004


Don't give us any ideas.

(Thanks to Christine Uhlmansiek and Sam King)


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I'd rather eat my ballot a day before the election... so I could show them what I really think of the candidates!


I bet they taste better than chocolate covered pig fat.

Somebody ate the other threads today . . .

Why does the adoption post keep disappearing and reappearing?

Don't EAT the ballots. Don't SQUEEZE the Charmin.

Let's keep it straight this time, people!

Russ, judi's getting her Ph.D in Stealth Bloggerette, that's why.

jp, ya got the only on-topic thought in my head for this ('cept maybe peanut butter too :-)

"Frequency asked Questions" section?

What's your frequency?

a) AM 690
b) Once a week
c) About a 6 pack a day

well, peanut butter ballots might be good. taffy-flavored, you know, like saltwater taffy. would the ballot be eaten AFTER the vote is counted, you know, register, vote, then eat it to preserve confidentiality. Bah!

Well, I've heard ballots are good lightly sauteed in olive oil and added to...wait, that's shallots.

Edible Ballot Society would be a good name for an easy listening orchestra. I'm asleep already.

Do those come with a side order of chads?

Great, now the Flordia voters can complain that they think they ate the wrong ballot, and the flavoring choices were confusing...

shallot flavoured ballots...

carrot flavoured barrots...

...nary even spamalots?

Graz, got ketchup? ;-)

An' judi, after all the KUDOS given to You and nava by djtonyb, me, and et al, now I can't even link to the "EMAIL 101" comments since the Miami (Vice) Herald no longer links to those comments.

"By the prickings of my thumbs...."

High Priestess judi, do you need that much blood? (see the MOAT for enlightenment ;-)

Forget about edible ballots...just show me at least one CANDIDATE we can stomach!

I know there was a lot of debate about whether it should
be 'chad' or 'chads' , but I am firmly in the 'chad' camp for the plural noun. It's more elegant, I think, and Florida
needs all of that it can get.

I see see chad as more of a snack food, than an actual recipe. Maybe some salt, or vinegar. Toss with parsley.
Serve immediately after the Court decision.

Why are the posts disappearing?? E-mail 101 is now gone. So is the post about the blind couple wanting to adopt a short Ukrainian kid. And the post where Judi retracts. Did someone expose a breast or something????

of course, then they will find out that ballots have great amounts of fibre, and all the stores and restaurants will have fibre-rich ballots on their menus; ballots will of course come out in the low-carb, low fat variety. it will become the latest craze, but low carb [i.e. completely tasteless] will eventually fade like last year's jeans. whatsername-olsen will have a miraculous recovery from her 'eating disorder' because she lived on ballots. the world will be saved.

Of course, Edible Ballot Society would be a weird name for a rock band. Or maybe, Hanging Chad & The Edible Ballot Society.

Do you fold a ballot before you eat it, or do you eat it raw? Does it taste the same crumpled? Dissatisfied voting minds want to know.

I think that the outcry of people calling the adoption post a hoax prompted the removing of it.

Just a thought, what if it isn't a hoax? What if someone is trying to do a decent and honorable thing? And that couple came here and saw people slamming them?

Are we all that cynical now?

I sure hope not.

I sure hope that those people are for real, and that they are able to help a child that otherwise would live a miserable existance.

And I hope that if one of us is ever in a position to help someone like that, we will receive the support that we need.

Something to think about.


If some of the people that posted on this blog would stop acting like a bunch of immature dittoheads and more like adult human beings there would be no deleting of threads.

This blog is meant for people to enjoy themselves but I notice more and more Lord of the Flies type behavior occuring here with each post.

If you don't like what Judi says or does, there is a little x in the top right corner. I suggest you use it.

Oh, and I like my chads with gravy......and a bit of garlic.

What is this adoption post that all you all are talking about? I seem to have missed it. Would someone kindly (or grumpily, if you want) list the URL?

Seems like posting the URL would go against the whole reason it was deleted now doesn't it?

Fort~Motto:Pointing out the obvious to the oblivious since 1967.

ok, then, how about a brief summary?

graz summarized it, bismuth. a couple was trying to adopt a child from the ukraine... all had some physical disabilities.... people here believed it to be a hoax and said some things that wouldn't have been pleasant for them to read, so i deleted the entire entry. when the link to the deleted post, and further discussion, started appearing in another comment section, i deleted that too. (the tech guys had to do something more than what i did to get it to go away entirely, and that's probably when the error to "email 101" occurred, fyi. i'm trying to get them to fix it.)

sorry for any confusion or upset. it was a mistake to try to post something serious here, and it will definitely never happen again. well, except for this explanation :) and perhaps some items in the future. because who knows.

ok, carry on.

p.s. fort, tuck in your claws, potential partner of hugh jackman as wolverine (rrrowr). ;)

I thought Hanging Chad was a porn actor.

With this they can go back and try again!

Hey, the ballot probably has more nutritonal value than poutine!

lurker - right about that!

(others - In case you didn't know, a poutine is Canadian food that will instantly clog all your arteries if ingested)

You might be thinking of Chad Hung, former Red Chinese acrobat and later star of such Hong Kong porn films as "Night of the Snake", "The Dragon Enters" and "The Whole Nine Yards".

MKJ: ...or even if you just look at it too long!

You can also use ballots as a substitute for tortillas, as in this tasty recipe.

Sorry Judi,

I just don't like it when people get snotty to you for doing your job.

I thought snot-related issues were a big part of judi's job?

Thanks for clearing the air judi. 'Nough said....

oh, i just found out that there was a misunderstanding about the thread to delete from the database, and the 'email 101' thread was also deleted. sorry. no way to get it back.

Alas, poor email 101, ye shall never have the chance to become a moated, bloated, blathering thread like your siblings...


Well, in memory of "E-mail 101".........



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