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June 22, 2004


You might want to pass on the fish.

(Thanks to COLLINS69S)


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Well, they were dead fish . . .

I wonder if the fish have little toe-tags?

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue cadavers.

This was on their bumper

Well, it's better than "A worker has been launched and an inquirey has been suspended"...

Perhaps if they coated the fish in chocolate?

MKJ: i bought myself one of those fish thingys. Mine says "gefilte" on it.

What's the "scam?" The workers had extra refrigerator space, and properly refrigerated fish are much safer and more wholesome than not. Who was harmed?

Unless the fish ended up tasting of formaldehyde...

A local delicacy? That's one way to put it.

Yeah Jamester, but don't you wonder if any of the fish were stored, how shall I put this, internally?

Nah, it says in the article the employees demonstrated how they packed the fish, so I bet it was really fairly mundane, if you can ignore all the corpses next door (kinda like when I lived in Orange County).

Hey! Corpses Next Door" wbagnfarb?

Lives in OC.
Has yet to see corpses next door.
Just lots of vampires.

Thank all dieries or none I will be on the East coast an proper blog time tomorrow

One day at the morgue/fish storage facility ... "Sorry, sir, yes, there was a small mixup, that is not the same eel you left with us"

1: Pass what on the fish?

2: Fin-tags

What happens when a family has an open casket funeral, and well, the wrong casket gets delivered. How do you eulogize fish? "We all loved him very much. He was a brave trout. He fought hard not to get caught, but alas, the fisherman with the net got him. We will all miss Trouty. He was a dear friend."

By the way, drinks and fish fry after the funeral.

Talking about "sleeping with the fish"!

Nature uses as little as possible of anything.

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