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June 19, 2004


They're polite.

(Thanks to Brett Harper)


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Beth forgot to thank 'im for the contents of the fridge, eh?

That could happen to anyone? I don't think so. Not anyone with an ounce of sense, anyway. Beth, go stand in the corner!

I like "bootnote" much better than out "footnote".

I keep thinking about the poor courier. He shows up expecting to take pick up a tape and instead has to shlepp a refrigerator all the way to Bristol. I hope he had a bike with big tyres.

Beth was the one who discovered the problem- Paul was the one who sent the tape to the mail room; the unknown person in the mailroom is the one who made the mistake, although I would also suggest that the person who picked up the 6 foot fridge, and presumably unplugged it from the wall bears some degree of responsibility.

Also, as my father noted- the most unfortunate person in all this is presumably the motorcycle courier; how he survived will have to be a story on another day.

"I hope he had a bike with big tyres."

Good one, Lairbo. Great mental image of this poor courier with a 6' fridge balanced on the little basket of his bike, trying to negotiate the M4 from Britol to London!


Thanks, all I can picture now is Eric idle "The bicyclist" from European Vacation.

Great! I can just picture Idle cycling, apologizing the whole time for weaving about the roadway, then popping into the beeb's London offices and asking, "Did someone order a fridge, then?"

A "minder" is a bouncer.

A "dust bin" is a garbage can.

Those British are euphemistic if nothing else.

I hope he was at least foreword thinking enough to empty the fridge first.

Graz, unless it was full of beer for him to drink along the way? I think he'd need more than a few pints of Guinness to make that journey.

As long as he didn't drink this stuff.

Thank you all, we are polite over here, but not stupid, notice Beth wanted the tape but she didn't offer to send the fridge back.
If you are superstitious and stay in a hotel over here avoid the twelfth floor, it's really the thirteenth.
Can you guess what Bristol is the rhyming slang for?

I know what "Bristols" are, but I don't know the rhyming slang. Let's just say they're British ramparts.

this was the beverage I tried to mention above.

Bristol, pistol, something like that?

Drew, are you a Scouse?

You got it Jeff, it comes from Bristol City, just as apples means stairs, it's easy really lol. I'm not scouse Lmd, I'm falling off the bottom left hand corner, a place called Cornwall, where the pasties come from
No, not that sort, you eat these, of course you can eat ..... hmm think I'll stop while I'm ahead

Yes, London. You know: fish, chips, cup 'o tea, bad food, worse weather, Mary ****ing Poppins... LONDON.

Don't know.... I expect delivering my fridge IS more important than a tape. Beth's right, don't send it back.

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