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June 28, 2004




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Thus ends "Algona Watch 2004" (CNN), "Terror in Algona" (MSNBC) and "Crazed Liberal Tree Huggers Defile Innocent, Tax-paying, Conservative Dairy Cows in Nation's Heartland" (FOXNews).

15 minutes of fame for Algona 2. Still no word from Bryce.

How embarassing. Stored away a toxic chemical for so long that he'd "forgotten" about it, and stored it in a place where it could drip on his cows ... ? Something's not adding up here.

Algona - Flash in the Pan or Enduring Symbol of the American Heartland?
(I vote for flash - a town this small just can't keep cranking this stuff out, can it?)

No need to fear, Michael Moore is going to weigh in on the Bush led Algona cow conspiracy.

I feel SO much more relieved now. Thanks Michael Moore!

Corrugated container? We thought you said Corroded! D'oh!

Now the terrorist bastards are using corroded containers.

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