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June 19, 2004


This gives new meaning to the term "medical coverage."

(Thanks to Eric Augustus)


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Take two of THESE and call me in the morning.

Great line: "come on baby, it'll help your pelvic pain."

Pelvic Pain wbagnfarb.

(Good one, Punky.)


I'm with you marie! he gives crapweasals a bad name.....

I get it Dave: "medical coverage." Good one.

The article fails to mention if the treatment worked or not.

The judge stopped short (no pun intended) - he should have sentenced that woman to a mental evaluation. Anyone that naive/stupid should not be allowed to leave the house by herself.

Lmd33: my wife said the same; she can't believe a grown woman could be that stupid.

Why, may I ask is it always Oregon? Sure we have funny city names and our most famous citzens seem to be serial killers. But I'm sure there are doctors that AREN'T crapweasals.. maybe

Well, did the treatment work or not?

Hurry ladies, this one'll sell fast. Probly be good fer pelvic pain too.

Looks like Bangi or Punky might want to check that offering out, Mahatma.

Maybe that woman in Oregon should have tried here first, certainly before taking that quack's (ahem) prescription.

Wonder if the bill covered the costs of the Hotel Room too?

He'd probably have gotten away with it if he didn't charge the state. Free sex is one thing, getting the state to pay You for it is another.

Hotel room: $100

Sex with a patient: 2 months in jail

Getting the state to pay for it: priceless

Bad news, ladies. The ebay auction listed by Mahatma Kane Jeeves is no more. From the site:

The seller ended this listing early because the item was lost or broken.

You can still go see what you missed, though.

Lost or broken?


I'm guessing he gave up as he had no bids, poor guy.

Never confuse your latest issue of JAMA with "TAKE A TIP FROM A MAJOR INVESTMENT BANK"

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