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June 25, 2004


Invest in fine window treatments.

(Thanks to Chris Kern)


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Dammit, Jim, I'm a doctor, not an interior designer!



Transporter pads? That could take care of that pesky commuting problem...well worth $1,000,000.

Geek dream house? Make it so!

Somewhere, Gene Roddenberry is spinning in his proton-torpedo coffin.

What's next? Queeer eye for the Klingon guy? (if you're listening Bravo, or Showtime, or Spike, it was my idea)

Someone's WAY too dedicated.

"As a fully convicted science fiction fan, living in a spaceship..."

So now being a geek is illegal? Oh oh.


Appartment owner:

"Can we have a little more heat up here on the bridge?"

Building super: (in Scottish brogue)

"Captain, I'm giving you all she's got! I don't
know what keeping her together!"

"i've never seen anything like it!"

viewing this is such an intensity!

As a fully committed science fiction fan, living in a spaceship..."

and the seller has now been transported, via ambulance and straight-jacket to the Starkweather Home for Clincally Insane Interior Designers

I don't remember seeing a disco ball hanging in a show in any episode of any of the series...

Cool! I must check out this "ebay" thing, they probably have some other interesting items!

all i could think of, while laughing out loud, was an old SNL skit with Shatner - addressing a star trek con... and he says.. 'People, get a life...'
I like queer eye for the Klingon guy, teeeeheeee very good. But it would make these omnipresent home improvement shows a lot more interesting. Trading Galaxies. Stop me before I hurt someone.

MOTW: Good one, and you were FIRST. LOL.

Maybe they could hold this event there.

*raising eyebrow*

Maybe this will help.


See what a million dollars will buy, folks? My question is, what does an intergalactic toilet look like?

You've got it all wrong; what we need is Klingon Eye for the Human Guy.

Kahlesste kaase! Only a coward would want curtains! How then would you see your enemies and strike the moment they violate your territory? We must destroy these soft living quarters and create a juH worthy of a warrior.

yIrojqu' ...

Lairbo - Danke Schon!

MKJ - I prefer "Donkey Shades". \(^.^)/
Khan - That's terrific, Darlingk, just mahvelous. How could we evah think of remodeling without you?
queensbee - Belushi was hilarious in the Star Trek sketch! I grin just thinking about it!

But here's some REALLY bad news:

Shatner sings again!

"The Hip Surgery Music Guide, an internet guide that celebrates offbeat musical genres, says the songs can be taken as examples of "either impassioned intensity or pompous overacting."

You make the call.

Glad to help but now I've got Wayne Newton's youthful falsetto version of that song ringing in my ears. MAKE IT STOP!

Did anyone read the Gary Larson Cartoon? Scotty in Hell? Scotty runs up to the Devil, saying, "Satan, Satan, it's the main mega furnace! She's losing heat fast and I'm not sure I can hold 'er!"

MOTW, the sketch to which queensbee refers was not belushi-as-shatner (which was certainly funny too) but Cap'n K himself dissing his own fans, albeit in a fictional setting. I don't think I'm breaking copyrights or spoiling a surprise ending if I give away the plot to a 25-year-old skit:

Shatner is speaking at a convention, and he takes questions from the fans. They start grilling him over episode minutiae and trivial discrepancies in continuity between episodes. Finally he can't stand it any longer and goes on a hilarious rant, the centerpiece of which is to yell at the Trekkies to get a life. The convention promoter hastily pulls Shatner aside and they have a whispered exchange which we can't hear but it's obvious from the body language that tempers are high and money is involved. Finally Shatner returns shamefacedly to the podium and explains, to the relief of the geeks, "... and that was my re-enactment of the evil Kirk from _Mirror, Mirror_. Thank you, I'll sign autographs now."

I couldn't remember the episode title to put in the above paragraph, so I went to ask my wife who knows all there is to know about Trek. While she was fumbling for the title, my 12.45-year-old son walked out and said "That was _Mirror, Mirror_" - he who has seen all of maybe five episodes in his life some six months ago and can't remember what he learned in school yesterday.

a href="http://www.trek5.com/caps/tos/39_MM/">Here you go, Snotty. Beam yourself up!

Anybody remember the spoof "Star Drek"? I only heard it once, way back when. It contained the immortal line of Scotty saying "Captain, the toilets are backed up into the warp drive and I can't get any power out of them!"

I've been to Vasquez Rocks, btw.

Here you go, Snotty. Beam yourself up!

It sez: Story by Jerome Bixby

Cool, the guy who wrote "It's a _Good_ Life" and other extremely disturbing stories (the short story in the book was much darker and less Hollywoodesque than the movie version they did for T-Zone).

Lairbo: Get your trivia straight:
That's "photon torpedo."
J. Tiberius Kirk

UM - MOT-Wa, sorry -I never said it was belushi as shatner. it was shatner as shatner! re-read the post, please. and thanks for the really good description, snotty. you can beam me up now. but please hang the curtains first....

Although Belushi did a damned fine Shatner.

Anyone see Free Enterprise? That was a hilarious send up of crazed Trekkies.

Young Robert: He said that Han Solo was cooler than Captain Kirk.
Imaginary William Shatner: Kick the little fucker's ass.

(Don't you just love IMDB!)

Never saw Trekkies, but I heard it was pretty funny.

D'Art, don't know about the intergalactic toilet, but I remember a design going around for the early space shuttles. Since they were designing it for weightless conditions, they needed a way to make sure the 'products' went down the pipes. Someone brilliantly came up with the idea of installing a fan to provide suction. Apparently an SF writer (Asimov, I think) got hold of the designs and sent it to a friend with a big arrow pointing to the fan component with the caption: "Apparently, *here* is where the sh*t hits the fan."

Wow... I kinda wish I had the money to make an offer on this place.
It's only 500 sq. ft, though. That's smaller than my place. Must be crowded with all that stuff in there.

now i know why you are confused - MOTW - in a very early season of SNL there was a star trek skit with eliot gould as the network guy and belushi as shatner, and he was quite awesome in that part, had shatner down to a tee. you were probably thinking of that one. i dont know why i remember that, but i dont know what i did with my glasses.

Yes, Barbi, the Barbie(TM) townhouse is quite roomy. It even has that little elevator on the outside. Much better than a trekkie home. ;-)

Everytime it rains, I get soaked in that damn outdoor elevator.

I don't even like Star Trek, but that apartment is kind of cool. Very futuristic. Can't say I'd pay a million bucks for it though.

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