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June 30, 2004


Knowing how to handle paperwork.

(Thanks to Blair Keel)


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Wow. I wish I could do that to paperwork. We don't even get a shredder.

"a mental health practitioner and professional counselor" - just savor that. I guess I'm qualified for that job, at least close enough for government work.

He must have learned to do that by processing medical insurance claims. So far as I can tell, that is how such claims are routinely handled (or they might as well be).

A little sympathy for the poor guy - you can get awfully worn down teaching Anger Management over and over and over again...

"Allright men, one of us is going to go in there and tell Powers that he's been Let Go. We'll draw straws. I have a Kevlar jacket and helmet for the lucky winner... Hey, Hey where is everyone going....get back here you...YOU COWARDS!"

Really -- it's tough being a therapist. You have to deal not only with patients but with HMOs & insurance. That alone will make you want to shoot something or someone.
In a couple of years I should be a licensed counselor also, but in the state of Texas. My guess is that it's perfectly ok to be shooting memos here in Texas. The guy was just in the wrong place.

You can use being so angry you might shoot someone as an excuse to stay home from work? I see some three-day weekends in my future.

So, any bets on whether one of the supply drawers had the meds in it?

So young and sooooo cynical.

now that he's unemployed, maybe can pursue a career in firearms instruction.

nice shootin' pardner.

Well, there goes honesty RIGHT out the window. It's coming to terms with your anger part of what being a theorpist is all about?

Suppose he could have NOT told them and ....?

His rage probably has its origins in a traumatic childhood experience

(n.b. - you will be traumatized too if you click on that)

His last job was probably at a post office.

Hey - wot th'?! That's a picture of ME!

By the way, that's the same sink we washed our dinner dishes in....

"Powers took the memo and shot it several times with a .22-caliber handgun before returning it to the office, the document says."

Hmmm ... wonder what he used on his pink slip .. a bazooka?

If Hollywood makes an "Office Space II" this could be a scene in it. "Take that, TPS reports!"

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